Snow Country Scarf 2 finished!

This scarf went even faster than the first one! Even with the adjustment I made to try to conserve yarn, I had to stop one row short of what the pattern calls for in width. On the plus side, I used up the entire skein of gold yarn. I also had enough of the yellow left to actually attempt the crab stitch edging. This was another new-to-me technique. I didn’t really enjoy the physical motion required to do the stitch because it was a bit awkward, but I do really love the way the finished stitch looks. Overall I like the finishing on this scarf better than the first one, but I much prefer the black and green colors over this yellow and gold.

Both of these Snow Country scarves are headed to my dad now. He can decide whether to keep them, gift them, or donate them. I am happy I managed to use up most of mom’s yarn. There were a few grams left of each of the greens, but not enough of either to be worth adding to my stash. With all of that yarn out of the house now, I feel a weird relief. Hopefully someone will enjoy the scarves!


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