Countdown Cardi started!

I finished one sweater and that means it is time to immediately cast on the next one! This time I am making the Countdown Cardi (Ravelry link) so I can use up my advent yarn from 2022. The pattern has a fun sideways construction that means you start with the sleeves and work your way toward the middle/back.

Of course I’ve already had a minor disaster with this project. I planned to knit both sleeves in tandem on separate needles so I can make sure to use up each mini-skein before moving on to the next one. Unfortunately for me, when I started on the second sleeve I completely forgot to change needles between the ribbing and the sleeve. I actually got exactly as far as the sleeve that is pictured here before I realized it and had to rip it all out. Hopefully that will be my one mishap for this project and the rest will go smoothly!


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