Countdown Cardi finished!

It's all done! This project took just slightly over a month to finish, which feels pretty fast for a dk weight sweater for me. Working with my advent minis was a bit of a pain due to all the ends that needed to be woven in, but it was totally worth it. The final sweater... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl finished!

I love how this turned out! It is amazing to me how I went from absolutely hating this yarn when I was knitting with it, to being perfectly fine with it here. It helps that I really love the colors, and I love how they play together in the different size stripes that I added.... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (13)

Here's the finished neckband of my cardi! All that is left now is binding off and blocking. The ribbing is not quite the full length that the pattern calls for, but I tried it on and it looks good to me. The front sections of the cardi are a bit wider than the pattern anyhow,... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl progress (2)

I have already reached the point in this shawl where I am switching the dominant color from gray to green. It feels like things are going really quickly, even though I have to really pace myself with crochet to avoid hurting my arm. I've already used up about half of my yarn. It is a... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (12)

It's been a few days since I've shown my cardigan and I've made a ton of progress. As you can see in the photo, I finished the back sections of both halves, seamed them together, and started the collar/button band. I am pretty happy with how all of the colors turned out. There were only... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl progress

I always enjoy how fast crochet projects work up. Instead of fighting against this yarn to knit a few rows of ribbing, I've created a huge section of shawl in just a couple days. At this point I've used up about half of my gray yarn and only a little bit of the green. As... Continue Reading →

Green Static Socks progress (2)

Here's my sock progress for the week. I did work on them a tiny bit outside of the office, mostly because my in-office day was too busy to get much knitting done. They will still take a while but I want to get in more than just a couple of rows per week.

Sea Lettuce Shawl started!

I have been struggling to work on my Highway Cowl. I really love the pattern, but I absolutely hated working with the yarn. I don't know what it is about the wool/acrylic blend, but it has just enough wool stickiness to be annoying, and just enough of a lack of give from the acrylic to... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (11)

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers. Today I am still in love with this cardigan! You can see one side has a few more rows than the other. That's because I am no longer trying to use up the entire mini before moving on to the next color, which means I don't have to work both... Continue Reading →

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