February 2023 Goals

The year is off to a really productive start! I already have 3 finished objects and part of a cardigan done.

Completed in January:

Current WIPs:

  • Twists & Turns – knit
  • Countdown Cardi – knit
  • Highway Cowl – knit
  • Green Static Socks – knit

January Goals in review:

  • Finish my Single Malt. Done! This sweater is beautiful and it fits great. I love it!
  • Knit some socks. Partially done. I started a pair of socks that I can work on in the office, but it will be a while before they are done.
  • Start a crochet project. Done! I crocheted two scarves this month.

February Goals:

  • Finish my Countdown Cardi. There’s still a lot of knitting to do but this project has been going really quickly. I think I can finish it by the end of the month.
  • Start a new project using advent minis. I still have many mini skeins leftover from prior years’ advents. If I want to meet my big goal of using them all then I need to get started soon.
  • Brainstorm some projects to use up some of my bulky and larger weight yarn. I still have a fair amount of this weight of yarn that I bought when I crocheted more often, and I hardly ever use it now. I would like to pick a few projects that will show it off and get it out of my stash!

2023 Big Goals progress:

  1. Knit a cabled sweater. No progress.
  2. Try yarn dyeing from scratch. No progress.
  3. Use up my advent minis. I started using up my 2022 advent minis in my Countdown Cardi.
  4. Meet some local yarny friends. No progress.
  5. Maintain net zero yarn for the year. The year is off to a good start. I didn’t buy any new yarn this month, and I used up 1033 g. That is the second most yarn I’ve used up in a month since I started keeping track back in 2020! The only other month where I used more was November 2020, when I was working on two crocheted blankets at the same time.
Yarn In (g)Yarn Out (g)
Single Malt for me*230
Snow Country Scarf303
Snow Country Scarf 2307
Countdown Cardi*193
*For large projects, I count yarn as used when I cut to change colors or when I use up a full skein.

I feel like I got so much done in January. I wonder if I will be able to keep up this crafting momentum for the whole year?


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