Countdown Cardi progress (11)

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers. Today I am still in love with this cardigan! You can see one side has a few more rows than the other. That’s because I am no longer trying to use up the entire mini before moving on to the next color, which means I don’t have to work both halves so closely in tandem. Now I am trying to find a balance between using the minis but also adding all the colors I want to see in the finished sweater.

I’m also glad I laid everything out for this photo today. The very narrow front panels keep making me think that the back should be almost done, but laying it out gave me a chance to actually measure it. Based on measurements from my other comfy sweaters, the back needs to be anywhere from 5 – 10 inches wider than it is right now. Which is good, because I still have 3 – 4 colors I want to add.


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