Funfetti finished!

It seems like once I hit the halfway point this project almost knit itself. It was so quick and satisfying! I am very happy with the way everything turned out. The pastel colors with the grey and the pops of dark orange all work really well together. It's a very narrow shawl, almost a scarf,... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (4)

I made it far enough to swap to my coordinating mini. I'm really hoping that this idea works out the way it does in my head. The deep purple color is just gorgeous and I want to make sure it doesn't end up hidden when everything is finished. I'm also curious whether I'll end up... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (3)

I'm taking a quick break from my Funfetti to bring you this update on my hat. There's less than an inch to go before I add my contrast color. I took a bunch of measurements on my other Musselburgh to try to get the placement right, and I really hope it works.

Funfetti progress (10)

I really can't stop working on this project. I thought I might be able to push through and get it finished, but there's still a little left to go. Another evening of watching tv and it should be done. Even with the dozens and dozens of ends to weave in, this project has been a... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (9)

My extra skein arrived and I have not been able to put this project down since it got here. There's still a long way to go on the charts, but the number of stitches per row is getting small and everything is going very quickly. Any time I spend knitting on this feels like it... Continue Reading →

Green Static Socks progress (6)

Look at this sad little bit of progress on my socks. It has been two weeks, and obviously I have not been paying much attention to these. In fact, I have missed my in-office day both weeks and had forgotten about them in my work bag until a few days ago. Whoops. I am getting... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress (2)

I ended up swapping my 16" circulars for magic loop because I could not get a comfortable grip with the shorter needle tips. This sounded familiar to me, so I checked my notes from my previous Musselburgh, and sure enough I had done the same thing, at almost the exact same point in the pattern.... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (8)

It is time for a brief pause on this project, because I've just finished off my next-to-last ball of yarn. I could keep going by working off of both ends of the remaining ball, but that seems like a recipe for a tangled headache. Instead I'll just wait for the extra yarn I ordered to... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (7)

I got lots of work done on this over the weekend. I'm trying to decide how many more blocks of this pink I want to make before I swap to another. My hope was to finish off the whole mini, but if I do that it will take up almost half of the shawl. I... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (6)

For today's update I figured I would give you a peek at the wrong side of my shawl. The intarsia method is definitely simpler than stranded colorwork, but it sure does leave a lot of ends to weave in. I have been trying to do my best to weave them in as I go because... Continue Reading →

Smiles for Miles Blanket started!

One of my goals for this month was to start a crochet blanket, and I finally got around to it this week. You might recognize this yarn from a previous blanket attempt using Tunisian crochet. It is still not quite my favorite yarn to work with, but regular crochet seems to be much easier on... Continue Reading →

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