Smiles for Miles Blanket started!

One of my goals for this month was to start a crochet blanket, and I finally got around to it this week. You might recognize this yarn from a previous blanket attempt using Tunisian crochet. It is still not quite my favorite yarn to work with, but regular crochet seems to be much easier on my joints than Tunisian. I’ve got several balls in this cookies and cream colorway, and one in orange leftover from my octopus hat. I plan to just crochet as far as I can with the cookies and cream, and see where I end up. If the blanket is still too small, I’ll just add on the orange at the end. If the size is ok without using the orange, then I’ll add that as a border instead. This yarn looks really pretty but isn’t the greatest to work with, so mostly I’m excited to get some of it out of my stash and into a pretty finished object.


2 thoughts on “Smiles for Miles Blanket started!

  1. I got really excited by the idea of tunisian crochet and bought an enormous number of hooks, finished one garment, wasn’t happy with it, and put the whole lot in time out…

    Love that you’re turning a yarn you don’t 100% get on with into an object you can appreciate. Motivation takes lots of different forms, doesn’t it?

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    1. I really love the look of tunisian crochet and I also bought a bunch of hooks. But it does not play nicely with my joints. Plus I am still so much faster at regular crochet.

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