Day 349: Captain Phasma, and some big goals

I finished building Captain Phasma and I think she looks amazing. The chrome is so shiny I had trouble taking a good picture without getting tons of weird reflections. It looks fantastic in person, though. Sure it is built from a kit, but I consider it the same as making a scarf from a crochet kit. They provide the materials and instructions, and I provide the time and skill to turn it into a finished object. I had a lot of fun and I have two more model kits to try when I’m ready for more. Continue reading “Day 349: Captain Phasma, and some big goals”


What’s new for year two?

As I mentioned in my blogaversary post, I have a few changes in mind for the next year of Daily Creative Thing. Year one was about finding the motivation to make things every day, learn new skills, and get my creative mojo back. I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations!

Continue reading “What’s new for year two?”

A year of Daily Creative Things

I started this blog one year ago today! Although I haven’t hit 365 posts due to some travel and emergencies, I have still worked on at least one creative thing every day for a year. It’s been so wonderful to learn so many new things, and to practice old skills too.

These photos are just some of my favorite finished objects so far. Looking ahead, I have lots of ideas for new projects, and maybe some new directions for this blog. For today though, I want to take the time to enjoy what I’ve built, and feel proud of how much I’ve accomplished in a year!

Temporary Hiatus

Daily Creative Thing is on a temporary hiatus due to a personal emergency. I am fine but crafting and blogging need to take a back seat to other things for a bit. Don’t worry, I still plan to finish my fish blanket before the end of the month!

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