May 2021 Goals

April was a whirlwind of projects big and small. As usual I didn't necessarily work on what I thought I would, but I did get some amazing things finished. Completed in April: Pull me Over - knitDelightful Dishcloth - knitLucky Socks - knitColorwave Dishcloth - knitSecond Colorwave Dishcloth - knit Current WIPs: Wingspan - knitHexagon... Continue Reading →

April 2021 Goals

Even though it feels like all I've been working on in March has been my sweater, I've actually made quite a few different things this month. Completed in March: Tea Towel - knitCranberry Scones - bakingCaraway Soda Bread - bakingEasy as Pie Dishcloth - knitSt. Paddy's Hat - knit1986 Socks - knit Current WIPs: Wingspan... Continue Reading →

March 2021 Goals

I can't believe I've already finished one of my Big Goals for the year! February was a focused and productive month. Completed in February: Homemade Pretzels - bakingCozy Classic Raglan - knittingGingerbread House Stitch Marker - bead weaving Current WIPs: Wingspan - knitHexagon Blanket - crochetTea Towel - knit1986 Socks - knit February Goals in... Continue Reading →

February 2021 Goals

The year got off to a rocky start but things seem to be looking a bit better every day. Plus I even met all of my goals for the month of January! Completed in January: Fangorn Forest Socks - knitWaffle Hat - knitSwatch Hat - knitPan Protector - crochetLemon Apricot Cake - baking Current WIPs:... Continue Reading →

January 2021 Goals

I can't believe it's 2021. Back in March it felt like 2020 would never end. By the end of the year it felt like a blur of identical days of telework. My hope is that 2021 will be a much better year. Completed in December: Dad Socks - knitScrappy Holidays Throw - crochetFive Christmas Balls... Continue Reading →

December 2020 Goals

November seemed to be the month of way too many projects. It was also the month of getting my crochet mojo back, which felt really nice. I'm enjoying having a few big crochet projects to balance my pile of knitting. Completed in November: Gramma's Dishcloth - knitAnother Gramma's Dishcloth - knitAnother other Gramma's Dishcloth -... Continue Reading →

November 2020 Goals

October was a month of trying to get myself back to something resembling normal, while adjusting to a world without my Mom in it. I'm grateful I have my crafting to distract me and this wonderful community to support me through this time. Thank you! Completed in October: Bi Pride Socks - knitReplacement Placemat -... Continue Reading →


I started these gloves over a week ago. They were meant to be an xmas gift for my mom. I was working on them when I got the call last week that she had been rushed to the ER with chest pains. I brought them with me when I drove up to be with my... Continue Reading →

August 2020 Goals

My July projects weren't quite what I had envisioned at the start of the month, but I'm very happy with all my progress. Completed in July: Sailor's Rib Dishcloth - knitVelvet Cardigan - crochet Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket of Doom - crochetOne Skein Wonder - knitStormy Day Socks - knitWingspan - knit July Goals... Continue Reading →

July 2020 Goals

June felt less productive than May. Part of that is feeling run down due to heading into the 4th month of covid quarantine. The other reason is that fingering weight socks are much slower than worsted socks and hats. The things I made this month might be small but they are beautiful and bring me... Continue Reading →

June 2020 Goals

Another month of COVID related isolation meant another very productive knitting month. At this rate I am going to be very cozy this winter, with all the socks and hats and things I've been making. Either that or everyone I know will be getting hand-knit xmas gifts! Completed in May: Diversion Socks Plastic Slopes of... Continue Reading →

May 2020 Goals

I managed to keep up with #Blapril2020 and post every single day! I'm grateful to Belghast for setting up the event. It was fun for me to have lots of extra blogs to read this month! Completed in April: Yet another pair of telework socks A dishcloth A coaster My Harmonize Shawl!! Current WIPs: Giant... Continue Reading →

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