I started these gloves over a week ago. They were meant to be an xmas gift for my mom. I was working on them when I got the call last week that she had been rushed to the ER with chest pains. I brought them with me when I drove up to be with my... Continue Reading →

August 2020 Goals

My July projects weren't quite what I had envisioned at the start of the month, but I'm very happy with all my progress. Completed in July: Sailor's Rib Dishcloth - knitVelvet Cardigan - crochet Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket of Doom - crochetOne Skein Wonder - knitStormy Day Socks - knitWingspan - knit July Goals... Continue Reading →

July 2020 Goals

June felt less productive than May. Part of that is feeling run down due to heading into the 4th month of covid quarantine. The other reason is that fingering weight socks are much slower than worsted socks and hats. The things I made this month might be small but they are beautiful and bring me... Continue Reading →

June 2020 Goals

Another month of COVID related isolation meant another very productive knitting month. At this rate I am going to be very cozy this winter, with all the socks and hats and things I've been making. Either that or everyone I know will be getting hand-knit xmas gifts! Completed in May: Diversion Socks Plastic Slopes of... Continue Reading →

May 2020 Goals

I managed to keep up with #Blapril2020 and post every single day! I'm grateful to Belghast for setting up the event. It was fun for me to have lots of extra blogs to read this month! Completed in April: Yet another pair of telework socks A dishcloth A coaster My Harmonize Shawl!! Current WIPs: Giant... Continue Reading →

April 2020 Goals

March seemed to fly by, even with all the stressful things going on in the world and the very quiet days of telework. I'm so glad I have this hobby to help settle my brain when I get anxious. Let's see what I am planning to get up to in #Blapril2020 Completed in March: Bus... Continue Reading →

March 2020 Goals

I survived February! Thank goodness it was a short month. I had a lot of new things to get adjusted to but I still managed to keep up with some yarny goodness too. Completed in February: A commute hat Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket of Doom - crochet Irish Snood - crochet Fuzzy Mittens -... Continue Reading →

February 2020 Goals

It's February already! This month marks some huge changes for me. I want my creative things to keep me rooted and help me deal with some of the stress of all this change. Completed in January: Diagon Alley Socks A Dishcloth (and some matching coasters) A different Dishcloth An Earwarmer Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket... Continue Reading →

January 2020 Goals

It's another new year! That feels like a good excuse to take stock of everything I accomplished last year and think about all the creative things I want to do in 2020! Completed in December: a Scrap Cowl The Child Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket of Doom - crochet Irish Snood - crochet Diagon Alley... Continue Reading →

December 2019 Goals

I realized last night that I completely forgot to do goals for November, whoops! It is probably because I was out of town on the first of the month. I'm going to play catch-up here. Completed in October: A black cat dishcloth A cute bat dishcloth Completed in November:  Among the Trees scarf Multiple holiday... Continue Reading →

October 2019 Goals

September went by way too quickly. October is also a travel month but hopefully I will be a bit more productive this time!Completed in September: Another cute sun hat A great vacation and some photos Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet Gipsy Avenger - plastic model Irish Snood - crochet Among the... Continue Reading →

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