Xmas Stars

I saw a discussion of these xmas stars go by my twitter feed some time ago, and had bookmarked the instructions. Last night the spouse and I sat down, turned on some xmas music, and each folded one star. We used origami paper, which is about the right weight to hold the shape but still... Continue Reading →

Day 172: Origami in the Dark

This post is late because we lost power last night. It didn't return until well after I was asleep. I hadn't started on my crochet before we lost the lights, so I decided to do some quick origami by flashlight to make sure I didn't miss a day!

Day 99: Origami Box

I made this box/candy dish today to go with my bunny. There won't be any posts here for the next few days because I will be on vacation! I'll try to do creative things or at least take great photos while I'm away and play catch up when I get back.

Day 23: Lily

This week is super busy but I'm still finding at least little bits of time to do creative things. This is a traditional origami lily, a simple model I could squeeze into my busy day.

Day 20: Crane

This feels like a bit of a cheat since it is so simple, but I did fold it entirely from memory! I'm super busy this week so I need to find small creative things I can cram in around the edges of my free time.

Day 3: Origami Fish

It's been way longer than I realized since I've done any complicated origami. This was a reasonable effort and only took me 45 minutes or so. Pattern is "banded angelfish"  from Montroll and Lang's Sea Creatures in Origami

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