Day 353: Knitting practice

Another day of knitting practice. Once I get started I can feel myself getting faster, but I still need to watch a video of the stitches before I start to make sure I’m doing it right. I think I am getting comfortable enough with the knit stitch that I might try going downstairs to watch some TV while I work soon.


Day 352: Knitting and crochet!

I did a little bit more knitting practice tonight. You can tell the difference between the stockinette and the garter rows now! Purling is still tricky, but I am getting faster. I also spent just a few minutes adding to my hoodie today. My elbow is feeling much better but I don’t want to push it until I’m sure it is fully healed, so I set a timer and stopped before anything started to hurt. I’m looking forward to being able to crochet normally again soon!

Day 351: Knitting practice

I got a few more rows of knitting practice done tonight, including one purl row. At least I think that’s a purl row. It took about 3 youtube videos for me to figure it out. I don’t feel very confident in it and I was very slow but I did it! Continental style seems to be working out well for me. The stitches make more sense when the yarn is in the “correct” hand, where I’m used to holding it for crocheting.

Day 350: Knitting practice

I started this over the weekend. I’m using cotton yarn so hopefully I can make a dishcloth out of this practice piece. It has been a little while since the last time I tried to knit so I had to look up videos on how to do everything again. This time I decided to try continental style, since I heard it was easier to learn if you already knew how to crochet. The continental knit stitch definitely makes more sense to me. I still haven’t figured out how to purl properly yet though.

Day 347: Weaving in ends

I’m still avoiding crochet for a while until my elbow heals up, but I couldn’t stay away from this sweater. It is frustrating to be so far along with this project and unable to keep working on it. If I can’t crochet at least I can weave in ends. From the dozens that I started with after adding to and shaping the front, now there’s just these two left. It’s not as fun as crocheting but at least I get to feel like I’m moving things forward a little bit.

Day 343: Hoodie progress

Got another row done on the bottom edge of my hoodie. I think I will end up playing yarn chicken because I’m not sure if there’s enough to finish the bottom and the hood.

Day 341: Beaded Shawl

I finished this shawl today! It’s being blocked now, but otherwise it is all done. I really love the way it turned out. It’s so pretty, I can’t decide if I want to keep it for myself or save it for a gift.

It only used a little over half of the skein I bought for it, so maybe I can make another one (in a non-beaded version) to give away.

Day 340: Hoodie progress

Today’s progress was mostly weaving in ends again. It feels like a major accomplishment that I’ve only got about 5 left to deal with. Also the bottom of the sweater only needs a few more inches until I’ll be happy with the length.

Day 339: Hoodie progress

I got all the ends along the bottom edge woven in last night, so I gave myself permission to work on adding length today. If I have more time later I might try to deal with a few more loose ends too. The fish blanket had a ton of ends but I was very good about dealing with them right away instead of leaving them all for later. This project has taught me that I need to use that tactic all the time so I don’t feel buried under 1,000 dangling scraps of yarn.

Day 338: Weaving in ends

This hoodie seems to generate a ridiculous amount of loose ends. I decided I’m not going to continue adding more until I have tamed most of them. I got about a dozen, and there’s still more than 20 left to deal with. That’s not even counting all the ones from the sleeves that I’ve already woven in. I will definitely think twice before attempting to get fancy with color gradients again any time soon.

Day 337: Hoodie progress

I started adding some width to the front of the hoodie. Once it covers my chest I’ll switch and just add more length to the bottom until I’m happy with it. It’s working up very quickly now!

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