Shawlette progress (3)

More shawlette progress today. It's a shame it doesn't keep that lacy openness like the photo from yesterday. It will definitely need a thorough blocking to get the full effect when it is done. Hopefully that will help with the size a bit too. I only have a few more rows to go and it... Continue Reading →


Shawlette progress (2)

We drove to the town about an hour away today to see a movie, and I took this project along in the car. I figured it would be good practice for our long drive to visit family on Thanksgiving. I managed to get a little bit done on the way there, but it was dark... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (5)

I always think I'm going to get way more crafting done on the weekends than I actually do. Still, I got a few more rows of this hat done this afternoon.

More hat progress

I worked a couple more rows on this tonight while waiting for our traditional Friday night pizza to arrive. I still feel so happy and proud of this piece so far. A year ago I couldn't knit at all, I've come so far!

Fortune’s Shawlette progress

I've been working on this shawl a little bit in between all my knitting, and it has grown quite a bit. I'm still completely in love with this yarn, and it's been so soothing to work on this project.

Hat setbacks and progress

I was so positive yesterday about this hat, and today I had a mini disaster. I was pulling the red yarn so I could carry it up the back, and I ended up pulling it right apart. I think I managed to salvage it and hopefully got it secured. I also got flustered and I... Continue Reading →

Hat progress

It doesn't look like much yet, but it feels like it is going surprisingly fast for me. It will be a couple more rows before I get the full sense of the color repeats, but I really like it so far. I even tried it on and it actually fits around my head, so I... Continue Reading →

Hat cast on

My parents just got back from a trip to Ireland, and they brought me back about 150g of this Irish wool. I decided to try to make a hat out of it. I'm already doing much better than my last attempt at knitting in the round. The pattern looks nice and is fairly simple, but... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (8)

I am now 20 rows into this ~60 row project. I feel so much faster, but not fast enough. Every row feels twice as long as it should, which makes sense since every row has double the number of stitches to make it double knit. I want to keep making progress on this, but I'm... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (7)

I picked this back up today after being shamed by my goal review for October. At least this way I know I have already met my goal of making some progress on this project this month 😛 I made the command decision to transfer this onto my interchangables instead of the cheap bamboo straights I... Continue Reading →

Scratchy…purse! Completed!

Hooray! I finished this up today. The photo doesn't give any sense of scale, but it's about the right size for a phone. It's not a bad design for something I made up out of desperation. The colors still make my head hurt, but at least I'm done. I might hold on to the mostly... Continue Reading →

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