Day 29: A sad poem

Today I wrote a poem, but it doesn’t fit with the “stay positive” theme of this project, and it’s also a bit too personal to share with the whole internet. Therefore I’m placating you with a photo of my cute cat on a gross pair of lawnmowing sneakers instead. Enjoy!

Day 28: Deep Turtle

Sometimes as an introvert you just have to go into deep turtle mode to hide from the world and recharge. Turtles can’t live in the deep abyss, but maybe something else can hide in their shells down there.

Day 27: More Tentacles

It turns out this pattern is actually a septopus, I’m not quite sure why. Right now it’s only got 5 tentacles though. I do really like the shape of this one more than the first pattern I made, now that it is finally looking like a proper cephalopod. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

Day 23: Lily

This week is super busy but I’m still finding at least little bits of time to do creative things. This is a traditional origami lily, a simple model I could squeeze into my busy day.

Day 20: Crane

This feels like a bit of a cheat since it is so simple, but I did fold it entirely from memory! I’m super busy this week so I need to find small creative things I can cram in around the edges of my free time.

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