Double knit progress

I got a few rows done on this tonight. I think I have mostly got the hang of it, although I am worried about getting lost as I start moving up into the pattern a bit. You can see I have stitch markers every 10 (double) stitches to help me keep track of things. I... Continue Reading →


Double knit cast on

I struggled a bit with my previous knitting attempt so I decided to try something different before I go back to that hat. This will be a square that can either become part of a blanket eventually, or just get used on its own as a mini-placemat like the last few things I've made.

Gift progress (3)

Was busy hanging out with the spouse and then hanging out with friends this evening so only got a little bit done on this gift tonight. I did finish off the first 2 skeins of yarn. I hope I have enough to finish the project.

Gift progress (2)

Making steady progress on this gift every day. So far it has been an absolute joy to make. It's just engaging enough, following the pattern and having such fun yarn, but it's not so difficult that I can't watch tv and relax while I work too. Perfect!

Gift progress

This is my first time doing filet crochet. Even though the stitches aren't new to me, it is interesting to learn how to use this technique to make complex patterns. This is another fairly large project but I'm having fun with it so far, and the yarn is so pretty and lovely to work with!

Starting a gift

I've been chomping at the bit to get started on this project, and now that I'm done with my cardigan I finally can. It's a gift for someone, and unfortunately I'm not sure if they know about this blog or not so I might have to be a bit coy about progress photos. Rest assured... Continue Reading →

Hoodie finished!

I finally finished it! It's been in progress since June, but it feels like forever. I'm so happy with how it turned out. For reference, the original pattern is The Campfire Cardigan. Now I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can actually wear it. The hot summer temperatures we have today... Continue Reading →

Hoodie mostly finished!

I actually finished crocheting my hoodie today! All that is left is weaving in the ends and adding the button(s). I still haven't decided if I'm using one or both of the buttons I bought, I want to try it on once everything else is finished and see what I prefer. I'm so pleased with... Continue Reading →

September 2018 Goals

August was the first month where I tried setting some goals for myself and posting them here to keep myself accountable. Let's see how it went! Completed in August: Harmonic Mosaic Dishcloth - knit Lots of pizza - cooking Some nature photos - photography Current WIPs: Solaris Shawl - crochet - No progress. Giant red... Continue Reading →


I wanted to make pizza from scratch again this week, but I didn't want to go through all the hassle of the deep dish with its laminated dough. I found a different crust recipe but made the same sauce as last time since we liked it so much. I think it came out perfect!

More hoodie edging

I got about a row and a half of the border done tonight. It would have been more but I spent a bunch of time winding up some of the leftover yarn from this project into balls for storage. I used a multi-color "cake" yarn (Lion Brand Mandala) for this project, but I ended up... Continue Reading →

Hat false start

I wanted to cast on a new knitting project since per my goals I'm supposed to be trying to do more than one kind of creative thing every week. Unfortunately I had to frog this and will start it over again another night. I learned the long tail cast on (it's fun!), joining in the... Continue Reading →

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