Ripple Bralette started

I've seen a few folks knitting bralettes lately and it intrigued me. I had some rainbow yarn caked up for another pair of socks and decided to cast on a Ripple Bralette instead. It looked fairly simple and I like the look of the design. So far I think this project might be cursed. I... Continue Reading →

Shortie Socks started and finished!

I wanted to use up the last bits of my telework socks yarn so I started these shorties late last week. I haven't had the chance to show them off in progress, but they're done now! I ran out of yarn just before the toes so I swapped to some fuzzy Caron Latte Cakes yarn... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat finished!

That was FAST! I looked back in the blog archives and it took me about 20 days to make this hat the first time I tried it. Between the extra pandemic knitting time and all the knitting practice I've had, it only took about 3 days to finish this time. Plus, my tension is way... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat progress

One thing is for sure, my progress on this hat is much faster than on the first one I made. I'm already around halfway through the main portion of the hat. The pattern is a very simple 4 row repeat but the multiple colors keep everything interesting. On a personal level I'm so grateful that... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat started

Way back in 2018 I made a hat from some yarn my folks brought back from their trip to Ireland. I had a lot of yarn leftover from that project and have always meant to make another hat with it. I weighed the yarn and it should be enough. I'm curious how differently this one... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks finished!

They're done! These socks are painfully colorful. They've grown on me while I've been knitting them. They're so cheerful. I really loved this pattern, Diversion, and I hope to try it again with a slightly more tame self-striping yarn. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy these and wear them around the house while we're... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress (11)

I have been working on these a lot now that my shawl is finished. Since the last time I showed them I've finished just about everything but the toe. With a little luck these should be done tomorrow!

Harmonize Shawl finished!

It's done it's done it's done!! I finished it on Thursday night, just in time to count for my monthly goals. It's not blocked yet, unfortunately, since all my blocking supplies are at the other house. Hopefully I'll get a chance to run over there within the next few weeks and grab them so I... Continue Reading →

May 2020 Goals

I managed to keep up with #Blapril2020 and post every single day! I'm grateful to Belghast for setting up the event. It was fun for me to have lots of extra blogs to read this month! Completed in April: Yet another pair of telework socks A dishcloth A coaster My Harmonize Shawl!! Current WIPs: Giant... Continue Reading →

Harmonize Shawl progress (29)

I finished the last of the lace! If you look closely you can see that I have started another 2-color section instead of finishing according to the pattern. I decided I couldn't stand to leave that purple yarn unused when I (probably) have enough to do another section. I am winging it a bit because... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress (10)

Heel flap and gusset pick-up done! A lot of that work got done while on the phone with my parents. It helps to have something calming to do during those calls, especially when they start talking about how often they are going out to the store. They go out more than I do, not a... Continue Reading →

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