Countdown Cardi progress (2)

This pattern is quite addictive. I think it is something about using the beautiful minis from my advent. I feel like even if I don't have a lot of time for knitting, I usually have enough to add half a mini's worth to the project. I turned my work inside out so I could see... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress

I managed to knit my way back to where I was before I had to rip back. This has almost used up the first mini from my advent. The cuffs are using a different yarn (Knit Picks Swish DK) so I know I will have enough to do the cuffs and collar in the same... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi started!

I finished one sweater and that means it is time to immediately cast on the next one! This time I am making the Countdown Cardi (Ravelry link) so I can use up my advent yarn from 2022. The pattern has a fun sideways construction that means you start with the sleeves and work your way... Continue Reading →

Advent Overdyeing

I had some unplanned fun with colors over my holiday break! This year I got a yarn advent with DK weight minis. My plan was to make a cardigan for myself out of them. Unfortunately for me, the advent had a higher proportion of pink than any other color. Since I knew that I would... Continue Reading →

Transverse finished!!

My beautiful sweater is finished, and it took less than three months! That's not to shabby at all for a fingering weight garment. I was really paranoid about how it was going to grow when I blocked it, but it worked out fine. It's a little bigger than I would like but it isn't so... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (21)

After yesterday's cuff trouble I set this down for a bit and didn't do too much on it. I did, however, get the cuff started correctly. Now I just have a dozen rounds or so of plain ribbing before I'm done. If nothing else goes wrong I should definitely have this finished over the weekend!

Transverse progress (20)

Well I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I was getting so close to being done, but ended up having to rip back pretty much everything I did today, all because of the split cuff. It is a very pretty detail, with a tiny bit of overlap right at the split. Yesterday I struggled... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (19)

It is amazing how fast the sleeves feel when you switch from two-at-a-time to only working on one. I got everything done except the bind-off. There was one tricky spot where there is some overlap for the split cuff, but otherwise everything went very smoothly. My plan is to wait until I get the other... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (18)

I didn't post yesterday due to the holiday, but I did get some major progress done on my sweater over the weekend. The bottom hem is completely done, and I am mostly finished with the sleeves as well. All that is left now is the cuffs of the sleeves. I really enjoyed the split hem... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (17)

A major milestone has been reached! I started the bind-off for this half of the hem. I tried on the sweater and it is plenty long, so I decided to go with a 2" rib instead of 3". Now I just have to somehow get through the tubular bind-off without dying of boredom. Then knit... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (16)

The problem with swapping back and forth between two very large projects is that sometimes you can go days before it looks like you've made much progress on either of them. I did at least finish with another colorway on this section. Now that I have three separate pieces all progressing at different rates I... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (15)

The end is in sight, sort-of! I haven't spent much time on this today but I did get some of the ribbing started. It is a little deceptive because there's a split hem, so I've only done this ribbing on the back half of the sweater so far. It still means I'm in the home... Continue Reading →

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