Goblin Shorties finished!

They're done! They still need some ends woven in, but I managed to get them finished in less than a week! I feel so much better about my sock knitting mojo now. These worked up super fast and I enjoyed every stitch. Maybe with the last pair my brain was just trying to tell me... Continue Reading →

Goblin Shorties progress

My plan to knit up some socks in a hurry seems to be working. I finished the second heel and am already halfway through the ribbing. These have been a joy to knit and the colors are just the thing for springtime. With a little luck I can probably get these off the needles in... Continue Reading →

Goblin Shorties started!

I think I needed to convince myself that I am capable of knitting some socks that don't take forever, so I started these as soon as I finished my green ones. I'm using two minis from my Chromatic Yarns advent from 2021, "goblin apprentice" and "myconid sprout". I named them after the goblin apprentice colorway... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi finished!

It's all done! This project took just slightly over a month to finish, which feels pretty fast for a dk weight sweater for me. Working with my advent minis was a bit of a pain due to all the ends that needed to be woven in, but it was totally worth it. The final sweater... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (13)

Here's the finished neckband of my cardi! All that is left now is binding off and blocking. The ribbing is not quite the full length that the pattern calls for, but I tried it on and it looks good to me. The front sections of the cardi are a bit wider than the pattern anyhow,... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (12)

It's been a few days since I've shown my cardigan and I've made a ton of progress. As you can see in the photo, I finished the back sections of both halves, seamed them together, and started the collar/button band. I am pretty happy with how all of the colors turned out. There were only... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (11)

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers. Today I am still in love with this cardigan! You can see one side has a few more rows than the other. That's because I am no longer trying to use up the entire mini before moving on to the next color, which means I don't have to work both... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (9)

I got a few rows done of color number 16 and once again I am incredibly pleased with everything. This latest colorway is the last of the bunch that I overdyed myself. It fits right in with the overall vibe of the piece and it makes me really happy. I love the interplay that is... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (8)

I am now on mini number 15 and I think I might at least be nearing the end of this section of the cardigan. I tried one side on and was actually pretty happy with things. It definitely could use a little more length, but it isn't short enough to be considered cropped or anything... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (7)

There's just a little progress today. I made it about halfway through this mini, and need to swap to use the rest on the other half of the sweater. The farther along I get with this project the more I am enjoying this sideways construction. It is making things really fun to work on. Part... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi progress (6)

This project is still moving along very smoothly. I managed to hit a nice pause point for this photo where you can see both halves of the cardigan together without a tangle of yarn in between. It is such a fun construction and I am finally starting to be able to envision what the finished... Continue Reading →

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