Picot Party clue 1 progress

I made some progress on this MCAL today. This is about 2/3 through the first clue. It has been quite challenging so far, with lots of stitches put together in unusual ways. Every row takes a lot of concentration because you really have to pay attention to the instructions. I'm still not sure if I'm... Continue Reading →

New project: Picot Party MCAL

Now that I've passed Day 365 I've decided to name my posts based on what I'm doing rather than counting the days. Today what I'm doing is starting on my very first mystery crochet-along (MCAL)! These always look so fun and I finally worked up the nerve to try one. This is the Picot Mystery... Continue Reading →

Day 299: Blanket progress

We got a window AC and got it installed in my office! It made it cool enough to actually get back to work on my fish blanket. I got some joining done, plus I did a bunch of weaving in of ends. Not the most glamorous work but it will save me some pain later.

Day 288: The last fish???

I think I may have actually finished making all the fish I need! A couple of the blue ones look a little small but I'm cautiously optimistic that they will be okay once everything is blocked. I know there's still lots of joining and maybe a border to do, but this is a huge milestone.... Continue Reading →

Day 287: Pile of fish

I had some extra crafty time today while waiting for the home maintenance person to show up and check our air conditioning. Lately I need to get more creative about taking photos of my finished fish because the afghan is taking up all my space! I'm tempted to block a few more fish tonight, but... Continue Reading →

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