Hex Blanket progress (7)

It was cool enough over the long weekend that I actually felt like working on my blanket for a little while. I didn't get much joining done, but I did get the entire next round of hexes laid out and held in place with stitch markers. I also did some weaving of ends, but there's... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (5)

I joined a few more hexes over the weekend. I've been adding one or two every once in a while because I can't quite get motivated to sit down and join a bunch at a time. The thing that has kept my momentum up at all is that I've completely given up on weaving in... Continue Reading →

Four more hexagons

I really love making these hexes. They're a perfect size for me to feel like I've completed something quickly without hurting my elbow with too much crochet. Sadly I'm getting close to being done with making them and need to focus on joining them, which is less fun. The other struggle I have with this... Continue Reading →

Some new Hexagons

I have still been making new hexagons here and there, even though I have been neglecting my joining. My interest in this project has been faltering a bit, which is pushing me toward choosing a smaller afghan size and finishing sooner. If I can make about 17 more hexes I will have enough for a... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (4)

I haven't been working on this blanket very much, but I do keep making hexes here and there. I also laid out the next round so I can start attaching them, and joined a few. My preference is to lay the blanket on the floor and lay out the hexes for the next round so... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (3)

I've been slowly joining hexes and have now completed another full round. There are now 37 hexes at least partially joined into the blanket. I've got another 59 hexes made and still waiting to be joined. I think I need to make another 30ish hexes for a throw. My initial plan was to make this... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (2)

I've spent a little time setting up the next round of joining for the blanket, and I've crocheted a few new hexes as well. Four different colors of yarn have been completely used up so far, and I'm close to finishing off a fifth. I have no idea if the yarn I've chosen for my... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress

I'm nowhere near finished making hexagons for this blanket, but I decided to start joining some anyway. There's a ton of ends to weave in so I'm glad to get started and try to mix it up with making the hexes. I started with the white hex in the middle and did a single crochet... Continue Reading →

The hexagons are taking over

When I brought back this desk from the other house I planned to use it for my work laptop. That way I could have better separation of my "work office" and my leisure space. As you can see, I've managed to cover the desk in crochet instead. I've finished nearly 60 hexagons, plus a dozen... Continue Reading →

Hexagon Ends

I made a few new hexagons over the weekend for my blanket. More importantly, I spent a bunch of time last week and this weekend weaving in ends for the hexes I already made. I still have about a dozen that need their ends woven in, but at least the pile of neat, finished hexes... Continue Reading →

Ripple Lapghan progress

I have made a little progress on this since my last post about it. Crochet causes me a bit of joint pain so I try to only do it in moderation. I really love the look of the Tunisian crochet and want to speed through this project, but I'll just have to keep taking my... Continue Reading →

Ripple Lapghan

My recent introduction to tunisian crochet had me eager to try more. I actually started this a few weeks ago and have only been adding a row or two each time I pick it up. It will be a long term project this way, but it is letting me continue to practice this technique. I've... Continue Reading →

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