Red blanket progress

It's been months since I worked on my red blanket. I decided to work on a few rows tonight because I wanted to crochet and wasn't ready to start a new project. Maybe I can finish it over the xmas break.

Day 319: Back with a blanket!

I'm back! The worst of my emergency situation is passed, and life is slowly settling back down to normal. I decided to call this day 319 instead of 309 because I did actually work on my creative projects every day during my hiatus. I just didn't have the energy to photograph and post things here.... Continue Reading →

Day 299: Blanket progress

We got a window AC and got it installed in my office! It made it cool enough to actually get back to work on my fish blanket. I got some joining done, plus I did a bunch of weaving in of ends. Not the most glamorous work but it will save me some pain later.

Day 292: Vertical joins!

I finished joining all the rows of fish. That means it is time to start vertically joining the columns together. I only got about half of one vertical join done today. That's because I decided to be smart and spend some time weaving in a few of the loose ends. It's no fun but it's... Continue Reading →

Day 290: Joining

Today I finished joining the row I started yesterday. I was working with everything on my lap, and I can tell I'm getting close to the end because it is getting so heavy!

Day 289: Half joined

Today I stitched together half of one row. I need more light and clear space to join than I do to make individual fish, so I can't just mindlessly do it in front of the TV. Still, half a row isn't bad, and I should be on track to get all of the horizontal joining... Continue Reading →

Day 288: The last fish???

I think I may have actually finished making all the fish I need! A couple of the blue ones look a little small but I'm cautiously optimistic that they will be okay once everything is blocked. I know there's still lots of joining and maybe a border to do, but this is a huge milestone.... Continue Reading →

Day 287: Pile of fish

I had some extra crafty time today while waiting for the home maintenance person to show up and check our air conditioning. Lately I need to get more creative about taking photos of my finished fish because the afghan is taking up all my space! I'm tempted to block a few more fish tonight, but... Continue Reading →

Day 285: Two more rows joined

I managed to join two rows today! Now I have to finish making more fish before I can join any more rows. It is definitely looking like an actual blanket now that there are so many fish all joined together.

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