Ripple Bralette finished!

My Ripple Bralette is all done!! It fits great and I love it so much! I really like how it ended up showing off everything this yarn could do. It flashes around the bottom, pools through the whole body, gets very busy and variegated near the top, and then stripes on the shoulder straps. You... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette progress (7)

I'm almost ready to start binding off the back! I zoomed in on this photo so you can see the switch from 3x3 rib to 1x1 twisted rib at the top. It's exciting to think about what the colors might do once the shape of the pattern starts changing a lot. Hopefully it doesn't turn... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette progress (5)

More progress today. Should only take one more day to get as much body length as I can manage without running out of yarn later. I also learned a valuable lesson about trying on garments in progress. There's a reason why people suggest moving the project onto waste yarn to try it on. I tried... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette progress (4)

More ribbing done today. At this point I'm trying to walk the line between lengthening the body the way I want, and having enough yarn left to actually finish. It is already 1.5" longer than the pattern says, and I'm aiming for at least one more inch. I want to push it as far as... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette progress (3)

What a difference a few days can make! I worked on this while watching TV this weekend and now I'm only a few more inches from the end of the mindless 3x3 rib section. You can see my tension got slightly off near the top but otherwise the pooling has been really great. It will... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette progress (2)

Progress, and more importantly, pooling! I finished the twisted rib and am on main body section now. The colors on this section are lining up very nicely and I couldn't be happier with it. It's very simple which makes it good TV and teleconference knitting which means it's been flying along so far. One of... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette progress

I got most of the ribbing finished on my Ripple Bralette. It definitely goes much faster now that I don't have 100 extra stitches in each round! The colors are flashing a little, although not pooling nicely like they were on my previous attempt. I'm hoping to get some good pooling on the main body... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette started

I've seen a few folks knitting bralettes lately and it intrigued me. I had some rainbow yarn caked up for another pair of socks and decided to cast on a Ripple Bralette instead. It looked fairly simple and I like the look of the design. So far I think this project might be cursed. I... Continue Reading →

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