Fluff Nugget progress (8)

I've finished with the main body of the cardigan and now have split for the sleeves. The right front section went really quickly, right up until I got near the top. Then I had to learn how to do german short rows in brioche. It wasn't super difficult, but it did take a couple attempts... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (7)

Over the weekend I got a lot done on this project while watching some knitting podcasts. Now I'm finally at the point of splitting for the sleeves. It felt like it was taking forever, but that was partially my own fault. The pattern is for a cropped style so I had to add a few... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (6)

It is nice switching back and forth between the fingering weight hat and this worsted weight cardigan. They feel like they are both progressing nicely, but this project is so much bigger. This one does feel like it should be going faster than it is, though. I think the brioche is what's doing that, since... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (5)

My cardigan took a back seat for a week while I was speeding through my rainbow socks. Now I can get back into the groove of brioche knitting again. I appreciate having larger projects that I can go back to, knowing that it is not going to be done quickly. I felt a bit of... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (4)

More cardigan progress today. I'm very happy that I'm at the point where I can comfortably knit on this and watch TV at the same time. There's still quite a long way to go so I'm going to be a complete pro at brioche by the time I'm done. Hopefully all the muscle memory I... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (3)

Here's my latest progress on my Fluff Nugget. I got a lot of work done on it during my virtual craft night this week. I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far, but I do have some worries. The big one is that I don't exactly know how to measure it properly. The pattern calls... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Progress (2)

I've had a lot more time to work on my cardigan since I finished my socks last week. Part of my brain still desperately wants to cast on a new pair of socks right away but I'm trying to resist for now. I'm planning to join a sock KAL that starts on June 1 and... Continue Reading →

Colorwave Dishcloth finished!

I'm very pleased with the way this came out. I think I may have messed up the finishing and bind-off rows a little bit but otherwise it looks really nice. More importantly, it gave me some good practice with brioche. This dishcloth used up just about half of a ball of Dishie, and I think... Continue Reading →

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