Hat progress (7)

I've been back at this blog and back to my knitting for a whole week, hooray! It feels like this hat is progressing very slowly but I am learning new things and re-learning everything I forgot during my  break.


Hat progress (6)

Cables! These are slightly more complicated than the ones on my scarf, but not too bad. I am learning how to cross in front and behind since this pattern has both.

Irish Hiking Scarf Finished!

I finally finished it! It's beautiful and very warm and I love it. The best part is that it's still cold enough here to use it a few times before winter is over. This is also a good point for me to take a brief hiatus from the blog. I've got some major life event... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (29)

I was traveling yesterday so no post, but I did do a row on my scarf. Same thing today, I was in the car a lot but I did at least get a couple more rows done tonight when I got back.

Scarf progress (28)

A long day after too little sleep is just not conducive to getting lots of knitting done. I made some progress, but not quite enough to finish up this scarf in time to meet my goal for the month. Onward into March!

Scarf progress (27)

I'm so close to being done with this scarf. Just a few inches left to go. For the curious, I stopped worrying about the absolute length, and instead have been measuring it against another scarf that I really like. I think that old scarf is a bit more than 60 inches, but the most important... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (26)

I had various work obligations until late this evening so I made very little progress tonight. Still, I always count it as a win when I can at least get a row or two done.

Scarf progress (22)

I like showing off the back of the cables. It's not quite as pretty to look at but I think it is cool to see how cables are constructed. Today was a snow day. I still had work to do at home, but in between that I had some time to curl up with a... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (21)

Got a few rows done tonight in between driving back and forth from country to city. I'm still not entirely used to making the long drive but hopefully it will get easier. It certainly helps when I can leave late and avoid rush hour.

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