Harmonize Shawl progress (10)

I'm back! I'm still not really moved into my new place yet but I wanted to post my progress anyway. I managed to get a few more sections of this shawl done over the past few days while I was at home. To be honest I was using it as a bit of procrastination/stress relief... Continue Reading →

Spooky Dishcloth done!

It's finished! It's still a bit hard to see unless the light is good but I am very happy with it anyway. It is fun for Halloween but it also reminds me of my own little black cat!

Spooky Dishcloth (3)

Hopefully now you can see the pattern enough to see that it's a black cat! I got a huge amount done over the holiday weekend and now there's only a few rows left to finish it off. I wish it wasn't quite so hard to see but I still really like it.

Holiday spirit?

I did a little knitting tonight, but the thing I really want to share with you is our xmas tree. This is the busiest, most stressful xmas season I've had in as long as I can remember. Between finishing my degree, starting a new job, and moving, there's just not a lot of mental or... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (5)

The scarf is coming along nicely. If I keep up this pace it might actually get done in time for xmas. Not that I want to part with it. I don't wear shawls, but I do love scarves, and I really like this one. So this was extra funny tonight. In the 30 seconds I... Continue Reading →

Cat with scarf in progress

I almost went to bed without posting tonight. That would have been a crying shame because then you'd have missed out on this adorable kitty. He fell asleep on my lap while I was working on my scarf tonight, and then when I was ready to get up he decided to try keep me there... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (6)

Gratuitous cat photo is the order of the day. He was stretched out on my legs the whole time I was working on this tonight. He didn't even notice my knitting until I tried to get a photo of him with it, then he tried to lick it. I guess it is a good thing... Continue Reading →

Catching up from last week

My trip to DC was a success! I had a fantastic, exhausting time, met lots of amazing people, and even got a little bit of knitting done. In fact I met several other knitters who have had waaay more practice than me. Now I have new knitting goals. I took a few photos from my... Continue Reading →

Day 157: Porg Feet

I finished the porg's feet, so all the individual porg bits are done. I pinned the face and sewed on the upper lip and chin. Sewing is one of the least fun parts of amigurumi but with a little determination I'll be finished this guy tomorrow. The cats sure think porgs might make a delicious... Continue Reading →

Day 130: A Poem

This week's prompt from my writing group was "Oh don't worry about them, they'll never tell." I combined this with another of Seanan McGuire's poetry tutorials to get this very weird poem about a parasite. Toxoplasma when you yearn to break the spell - the doom etched into each cell of your body, you expel... Continue Reading →

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