Day 157: Porg Feet

I finished the porg's feet, so all the individual porg bits are done. I pinned the face and sewed on the upper lip and chin. Sewing is one of the least fun parts of amigurumi but with a little determination I'll be finished this guy tomorrow. The cats sure think porgs might make a delicious... Continue Reading →

Day 130: A Poem

This week's prompt from my writing group was "Oh don't worry about them, they'll never tell." I combined this with another of Seanan McGuire's poetry tutorials to get this very weird poem about a parasite. Toxoplasma when you yearn to break the spell - the doom etched into each cell of your body, you expel... Continue Reading →

Day 65: A poem

More poetry today! And once again I'm not posting it here, sorry. This time it isn't personal or sad, it's just very work-related. As a consolation prize, please enjoy this photo of my handsome boy.

Day 29: A sad poem

Today I wrote a poem, but it doesn't fit with the "stay positive" theme of this project, and it's also a bit too personal to share with the whole internet. Therefore I'm placating you with a photo of my cute cat on a gross pair of lawnmowing sneakers instead. Enjoy!

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