Kraken Cowl finished!

I hope you had a lovely xmas if you celebrate it! I have been enjoying some time off this week, and have used that time to finish this cowl! The colors are not quite as high contrast as I would prefer, but you can definitely still see the image in the colorwork. I also realized... Continue Reading →

Kraken Cowl progress

This cowl is just flying along. I am still not the most confident colorwork knitter, but I can definitely see how far I've come from some of my earlier attempts. Now I have a nice week-long break from work, so I should have no problem finishing this before the end of the year! Happy Holidays!

Kraken Cowl started!

Friends, I am weak. I was making such good progress on my sweater, not knitting on anything else for a few days. Then suddenly I was gripped with a need to cast on something new. This is a pattern I've had my eye on for a long time, and I finally got the nerve to... Continue Reading →

Witchling Sweater finished!

Another sweater project finished! This project slowed down for a bit in the middle but once I got to the sleeves it absolutely flew off my needles. This pattern was the perfect combination of plain simple sections with some interesting bits to keep me motivated. I loved knitting the colorwork because even though it slowed... Continue Reading →

Witchling Sweater progress (11)

Here's my latest progress on this colorwork. I'm just about done with the moon motif now. I really do find colorwork a strange combination of fun and tiring. It is slow going at some times, but it does an amazing job of keeping me interested. That's especially true for a pattern like this one, where... Continue Reading →

Witchling Sweater progress (10)

More colorwork! I'm about halfway through the chart now, and have mostly hit my stride as far as colorwork technique. I tend to hold both yarns in my left hand (I knit continental), which works really well for sections with short floats. Someday I would love to learn to knit continental for one color and... Continue Reading →

Witchling Sweater progress (9)

I got a few more rounds of colorwork done. You can see that my tension started out a bit uneven but now that I've had some practice it is looking much better. Right now I'm just about a quarter of the way through the chart. It's still a bit slow but luckily there are a... Continue Reading →

Witchling Sweater progress (8)

Color at last! On the plus side, the knitting has become much more interesting and engaging. Unfortunately the flip side is that this section is taking much longer than the plain stockinette. It is definitely going to be worth it though. This color (Neighborhood Fiber Co. in the Observatory Circle colorway) is amazing, and plays... Continue Reading →

Unbearable Hat finished!

This adorable hat is all done! I absolutely loved making this project. The yarn (Knit Picks Swish DK) was surprisingly nice to work with, and the colorwork was a ton of fun. This one is intended as a gift but I loved making it so much and I love the finished object so much that... Continue Reading →

Unbearable Hat progress (4)

And now we finally see why this is named the Unbearable Hat! This project has been really fun so far and I am enjoying the colorwork practice. I have still not quite mastered catching my floats but I'm doing a passable job. This sure seems a lot less bunched and uneven than my first puffin... Continue Reading →

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