Snood finished!!!

I started this project back in December of 2018. It followed me through two moves and 3 jobs. I was beginning to worry I would never finish it. I grabbed it as a filler bus project one day last week and it motivated me to finally get it done. The silly thing about it being... Continue Reading →

The Child started

Once again I had great plans to work on my socks and instead I started yet another new project. This time I was overwhelmed by the internet sensation and star of the new Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Of course I'm talking about The Child (aka Baby Yoda). I had seen various images and... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl progress (5)

It is almost done! I knit a couple more rows and started the bind off tonight. Unfortunately the super stretchy bind off takes me absolutely forever, so I gave up after doing about half of it. Soon!

Scrap Cowl progress (4)

I think it is just about done now. It feels like it is a comfortable length to be warm and snug. I'll give it a few more rows of purple to match the beginning and then I'll finish it off. It's not quite to my taste but hopefully someone will appreciate it!

Scrap Cowl progress (3)

I've kept making steady progress on this cowl in between other projects. It is a bit of a lovely mess because I've been making it up as I go along. Now I'm mostly out of the interesting colors of yarn from my thrift store find, so all that's left is to figure out how wide... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl progress (2)

I made some more progress on this silly thing tonight. It feels very good to see something work up so quickly after fiddling with lace for so long. It's also pretty fun to make it up as I go along instead of worrying about a pattern. This might not be the most beautiful project I've... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl progress

I think I spent more time weaving in ends than I have spent knitting this monstrosity. I do kind of like the idea of taking lots of things that everyone loves to hate like acrylic yarn, eyelash and fake fur, and turning it into something pretty. Well I guess we'll see if it actually ends... Continue Reading →

Scrap Cowl started

After going through my thrift store yarn I discovered that several of the larger balls were in fact made up of many small pieces. I decided to scrap my plans for a hat and instead am making a mostly garter stitch cowl. I'm only a few rows in and you can see the large number... Continue Reading →

Snood progress (3)

I can't believe that the last time I worked on this was in January. It's been sitting in my closet this whole time just waiting for me. I had forgotten how soft it is. This is a nice break from knitting for a few days, and an easy mindless pattern so that I can watch... Continue Reading →

Snood progress (2)

I made a tiny bit of progress on this tonight. My brain is so exhausted from writing my dissertation that I didn't have the energy to spend a lot of time on other creative things.

Snood progress

I've been slowly chipping away at this project in front of the TV when it's too dark to work on anything else. Lately I have found myself leaning towards knitting over crochet most nights, but it always feels good to come back to something so familiar. I definitely don't want to lose my crocheting mojo... Continue Reading →

What is a snood?

I had to look up the word snood because I had no clue what it was. Wikipedia tells me it is a type of hair covering, but the picture on this pattern looks like a scarf or cowl to me. Anyway my folks gave me this kit for xmas, including the yarn, hook, and pattern.... Continue Reading →

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