Sun hat progress

It's already almost done! Just a few more rounds around the brim and it will be finished. This is a really nice pattern to let my brain take a break from knitting lace for a little while.


Sun Hat started

One of my goals this month is to crochet something. Since I'm going to the beach soon I figured I would try to make myself a cute sun hat. I actually started this over the weekend, but it wasn't much to look at yet. Now it actually looks like it might be a hat. I... Continue Reading →

July 2019 Goals

In June I got over most of my sock knitting fears. For July we'll see if I can avoid second sock syndrome! Completed in June: A bag for Pride A Pride shawl One sock!!! (I'm still counting it as June even though I grafted it today...) Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet... Continue Reading →

Pride shawl done!

I actually finished my shawl in time for the parade! Unfortunately it was hot and I ended up not taking it with me. Disappointing but probably for the best because we were out in the sun for several hours. It didn't matter anyway because we were having way too much fun.

Pride stuff (6)

I'm getting close to finishing but I'm not there yet. I plan to keep working on it tonight and a bit in the morning. With a little luck I'll have just enough time to get it done.

Pride stuff (5)

Please excuse my sad old comforter, I was in a hurry to grab this photo. I'm going to have to stay in a hurry if I want to get this finished in time for Saturday. There's still 3 colors left to add to this rainbow!

Pride stuff (4)

Here's the second Pride project I started last night. It is a pattern called Lizard. It feels a little stiff in cotton, but on the plus side it does hold its shape really well which makes the pattern stand out. (Thanks for the suggestion @angiwyn)

Pride stuff (2)

I mostly finished this bag tonight. I hope to get the rest either late tonight or tomorrow, then start on a second quick project. I'm excited to have more rainbows in my life by this weekend!

Pride Stuff

I was all set to keep working on my sock this weekend, but then I remembered that June means it's time for Pride! I'm going to the parade and festival next week, and I decided I wanted to make something fun to wear or take with me. This is what I'm working on so far.... Continue Reading →

June 2019 Goals

May was a month of travel, and of finally having the courage to try knitting socks. June will be all about finishing those socks! Completed in May: A hat to match my scarf Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet Gipsy Avenger - plastic model Irish Snood - crochet Hermione's Everyday Socks -... Continue Reading →

Snood progress (3)

I can't believe that the last time I worked on this was in January. It's been sitting in my closet this whole time just waiting for me. I had forgotten how soft it is. This is a nice break from knitting for a few days, and an easy mindless pattern so that I can watch... Continue Reading →

May 2019 Goals

Even though I didn't have that much more time for crafting in April I definitely feel like I got a lot more accomplished than in the past few months. Completed in April: My Dissertation! A fishy bag A skull bag Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet Gipsy Avenger - plastic model Grace's... Continue Reading →

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