Tiny Agender Pride Kitty

I got a batch of fingering weight cotton yarn over the holidays and realized I had the perfect colors to make something with the agender pride flag. I finally decided on this tiny kitty. It is absolutely one of the tiniest amigurumi projects I've ever done, at only about 2.5 inches tall. This project took... Continue Reading →

January 2022 Goals

2021 was such a strange year. Things got better but never quite back to "normal". I got a new job and have still not met most of my coworkers in person yet. But at least I got a ton of knitting done and made quite a few projects that I am really proud of. Completed... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket finished!!!

I did it! I managed to get this blanket finished before the end of the year! This is pretty much all I have been working on over my winter break, but it has been worth it. I am quite pleased with how this turned out. It used up a ton of my acrylic yarn and... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (12)

The Hex Blanket is still inching along. I got quite a few more hexes joined and have pinned the next batch into place. There's only 16 more hexes left to join now in total. At this point I think I will count this blanket as "finished" for the year if I can get everything joined... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (11)

I have so much momentum on this blanket all of a sudden and it's great! Over the last few days I've finished making the last few hexes I need to complete the project. I decided to use identical hexes for the corners as a small accent. There's still a ton of yarn left in some... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (10)

I actually made some very solid progress on my blanket over the weekend. I finished attaching the last full round of hexes, and started filling in the ends a bit so the finished blanket will be longer than it is wide. At this point the length and width are at their finished sizes and I... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (9)

The weather was so beautiful over the weekend so of course I used it as an excuse to work on my blanket again. I still haven't joined more hexes but I have finished weaving in all of the ends so far. It feels great going into the Fall with a completely clean slate. I'm ready... Continue Reading →

Cat Doorstop finished

This little friend was very quick and easy to make. The only reason it wasn't done sooner was that I had to wait for the marbles I ordered as ballast to arrive in the mail before I could complete the body. I miss crochet sometimes, and the speed of the projects is one of the... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (8)

This is the first time I've had a Hex Blanket update since June! It's so nice that the weather is beginning to cool off and I can work on it without feeling like I am going to melt. I didn't attach any new hexes, but I did spend a bunch of time weaving in ends.... Continue Reading →

Cat Doorstop started

This is a project I've had in my head for a while now. We usually prop our bedroom door open to make sure that the cats don't accidentally trap themselves in with us overnight. Most of the time we just use an old slipper for this, but I have really been wanting a cute proper... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (7)

It was cool enough over the long weekend that I actually felt like working on my blanket for a little while. I didn't get much joining done, but I did get the entire next round of hexes laid out and held in place with stitch markers. I also did some weaving of ends, but there's... Continue Reading →

June 2021 Goals

How is it June already? How do I stay motivated to knit cozy things when it gets so hot out? Completed in May: Bread and Scones - bakingAcorns Socks - knitDelightful Dishcloth - knitReversible Mood Octopus - crochetMystic Topaz Socks - knit Current WIPs: Wingspan - knitHexagon Blanket - crochetFluff Nugget Cardigan - knit May... Continue Reading →

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