The hexagons are taking over

When I brought back this desk from the other house I planned to use it for my work laptop. That way I could have better separation of my "work office" and my leisure space. As you can see, I've managed to cover the desk in crochet instead. I've finished nearly 60 hexagons, plus a dozen... Continue Reading →

Cardigan Pockets finished!

I got these new pockets crocheted onto my cardigan over the weekend. I went back and forth a couple times, but decided to crochet them instead of sewing because I like the way it looks. I'm already enjoying having the pockets while I'm wearing this around the house. Being able to modify something to make... Continue Reading →

Cardigan Pockets started

The weather started getting properly cold this week, so I've started wearing my hooded cardigan around the house. I made it back in 2018, but didn't get to wear it much because the apartment I was living in last year was super warm all winter. Now that I'm wearing it a lot I decided I... Continue Reading →

Hexagon Ends

I made a few new hexagons over the weekend for my blanket. More importantly, I spent a bunch of time last week and this weekend weaving in ends for the hexes I already made. I still have about a dozen that need their ends woven in, but at least the pile of neat, finished hexes... Continue Reading →


I am over here steadfastly trying to fill my life with small things that bring me joy right now. That means lots of hexes for this blanket. My plan to use up some stash on this project is already paying off, as I've finished the skein of grey and most of the navy blue already.... Continue Reading →

Hexagon Blanket started

The last few times I have visited my Dad I've noticed some of the afghans laying around his house. They were all made sometime in the 1980's, by my great-aunts from Michigan. I remember my Mom used to buy huge quantities of cheap acrylic yarn in eye-searing colors and send it up to them, and... Continue Reading →

November 2020 Goals

October was a month of trying to get myself back to something resembling normal, while adjusting to a world without my Mom in it. I'm grateful I have my crafting to distract me and this wonderful community to support me through this time. Thank you! Completed in October: Bi Pride Socks - knitReplacement Placemat -... Continue Reading →

Ripple Lapghan progress

I have made a little progress on this since my last post about it. Crochet causes me a bit of joint pain so I try to only do it in moderation. I really love the look of the Tunisian crochet and want to speed through this project, but I'll just have to keep taking my... Continue Reading →

Ripple Lapghan

My recent introduction to tunisian crochet had me eager to try more. I actually started this a few weeks ago and have only been adding a row or two each time I pick it up. It will be a long term project this way, but it is letting me continue to practice this technique. I've... Continue Reading →

October 2020 Goals

September was one of the hardest months of my entire life. Losing my Mom, on top of COVID and everything else going on in the world, was just too much for me to handle. Thank goodness I was able to keep myself steady by knitting and crocheting. I finished a lot of small projects since... Continue Reading →

Bath Scrubby

I wanted to crochet something quick to get that finished object satisfaction, so I made this bath scrubby. There was no pattern, I just made it up as I went along. It's mostly half double crochet, with one more open row at the edge to make it easy to hang on a hook.

September 2020 Goals

August was very hot and very wet around here, not the best weather for yarncraft motivation. I still managed to complete my longest-running WIP and several other projects, so I'm quite proud. Completed in August: Stormy Day Socks - knitVampire Squid Blanket - crochetWelty Socks - knitOne Skein Wonder - knit (I'll share this one... Continue Reading →

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