Smiles for Miles Blanket progress

I've been working on this pretty regularly over the last few days. As always I love how fast crochet works up, especially for something big like a blanket. I'm getting used to this yarn a bit more, and I really like how it works up. It sticks to itself a lot so it doesn't go... Continue Reading →

Smiles for Miles Blanket started!

One of my goals for this month was to start a crochet blanket, and I finally got around to it this week. You might recognize this yarn from a previous blanket attempt using Tunisian crochet. It is still not quite my favorite yarn to work with, but regular crochet seems to be much easier on... Continue Reading →

March 2023 Goals

February was a good cozy crafting month. And I am getting better about letting go of projects that aren't making me happy! Completed in February: Sea Lettuce Shawl - crochet Countdown Cardi - knit Current WIPs: Twists & Turns - knit Green Static Socks - knit Funfetti - knit Frogged: Highway Cowl - knit February... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl finished!

I love how this turned out! It is amazing to me how I went from absolutely hating this yarn when I was knitting with it, to being perfectly fine with it here. It helps that I really love the colors, and I love how they play together in the different size stripes that I added.... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl progress (2)

I have already reached the point in this shawl where I am switching the dominant color from gray to green. It feels like things are going really quickly, even though I have to really pace myself with crochet to avoid hurting my arm. I've already used up about half of my yarn. It is a... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl progress

I always enjoy how fast crochet projects work up. Instead of fighting against this yarn to knit a few rows of ribbing, I've created a huge section of shawl in just a couple days. At this point I've used up about half of my gray yarn and only a little bit of the green. As... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl started!

I have been struggling to work on my Highway Cowl. I really love the pattern, but I absolutely hated working with the yarn. I don't know what it is about the wool/acrylic blend, but it has just enough wool stickiness to be annoying, and just enough of a lack of give from the acrylic to... Continue Reading →

February 2023 Goals

The year is off to a really productive start! I already have 3 finished objects and part of a cardigan done. Completed in January: Snow Country Scarf - crochet Snow Country Scarf 2 - crochet Single Malt for Me - knit Current WIPs: Twists & Turns - knit Countdown Cardi - knit Highway Cowl -... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf finished!

It's finished! I am really happy with this finished scarf. There was just barely enough black yarn in my stash to add 2 rows of single crochet to the ends. Once I finished with those I decided not to do the crab stitch border. If there had been enough of the black left I think... Continue Reading →

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