April 2020 Goals

March seemed to fly by, even with all the stressful things going on in the world and the very quiet days of telework. I'm so glad I have this hobby to help settle my brain when I get anxious. Let's see what I am planning to get up to in #Blapril2020 Completed in March: Bus... Continue Reading →

Snood finished!!!

I started this project back in December of 2018. It followed me through two moves and 3 jobs. I was beginning to worry I would never finish it. I grabbed it as a filler bus project one day last week and it motivated me to finally get it done. The silly thing about it being... Continue Reading →

Ear Warmer finished!

As usual, it feels good to finish a project so quickly. I hope my mom likes it. It's definitely very green. Now I'm eager to get back to my Harmonize shawl. Working with that lovely merino/silk will feel like heaven after this acrylic.

Ear Warmer started

My mom put in a request for an ear warmer that she could wear to the St. Patrick's Day parade. I had this green yarn leftover from Baby Yoda that seemed like a good fit for the job. I really wanted to work on my shawl this weekend but I should have known it wasn't... Continue Reading →

January 2020 Goals

It's another new year! That feels like a good excuse to take stock of everything I accomplished last year and think about all the creative things I want to do in 2020! Completed in December: a Scrap Cowl The Child Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket of Doom - crochet Irish Snood - crochet Diagon Alley... Continue Reading →

The Child finished!

It's an Xmas miracle, I finished him in time! It's probably a good thing I finished with so little time to spare. If I had to look at his adorable little face for too long I would never be able to give him away!

The Child progress (9)

I didn't quite get him finished this weekend, but it's close! He has eyes now, and he's not naked anymore. I couldn't find the right size safety eyes to use for him so I had to crochet some. They're not as shiny but I think it will look fine once the rest of the eyelid... Continue Reading →

The Child progress (7)

Squeeee! He's looking so cute! And with an ear sewn on he definitely looks like Baby Yoda now. All those bits in front of him are his face bits like his nose and eyebrows. I can't sew them on until I get some black yarn to make his eyes. I'm a little sad that he's... Continue Reading →

The Child progress (6)

Hooray, my baby Yoda has arms! He still needs a lot of work to get his face and ears done, but it feels like it is getting closer. At least my spouse can stop saying he looks like a dismembered Kermit the Frog now...

The Child progress (5)

Hey, baby Yoda has two feet now! I talked to my mom the other night and she was complaining that there is a wait until April to get an official plushie of The Child. If I can get this one done in time for xmas I know it will be loved!

The Child progress (4)

Baby Yoda has most of a body now! It has been a little slower going than I would like, but I think I should still be able to get it finished before xmas. Looking at this photo also makes me realize that I should research techniques for decreases that are less visible. It is funny... Continue Reading →

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