May 2021 Goals

April was a whirlwind of projects big and small. As usual I didn't necessarily work on what I thought I would, but I did get some amazing things finished. Completed in April: Pull me Over - knitDelightful Dishcloth - knitLucky Socks - knitColorwave Dishcloth - knitSecond Colorwave Dishcloth - knit Current WIPs: Wingspan - knitHexagon... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (6)

I have some decent blanket progress to report. I actually finished joining another round of hexes. You can see that I still have a ton of ends to weave in because I've been willfully ignoring them as I go. You can also see that the blanket is taking up most of the floor space in... Continue Reading →

Pull Me Over finished!!

It's all done and it barely took one month from start to finish! I finished the bind off on the second sleeve yesterday morning and then threw it in to soak. This yarn bled a ton, so much so that I eventually gave up on trying to get all the excess dye out. I soaked... Continue Reading →

April 2021 Goals

Even though it feels like all I've been working on in March has been my sweater, I've actually made quite a few different things this month. Completed in March: Tea Towel - knitCranberry Scones - bakingCaraway Soda Bread - bakingEasy as Pie Dishcloth - knitSt. Paddy's Hat - knit1986 Socks - knit Current WIPs: Wingspan... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (5)

I joined a few more hexes over the weekend. I've been adding one or two every once in a while because I can't quite get motivated to sit down and join a bunch at a time. The thing that has kept my momentum up at all is that I've completely given up on weaving in... Continue Reading →

March 2021 Goals

I can't believe I've already finished one of my Big Goals for the year! February was a focused and productive month. Completed in February: Homemade Pretzels - bakingCozy Classic Raglan - knittingGingerbread House Stitch Marker - bead weaving Current WIPs: Wingspan - knitHexagon Blanket - crochetTea Towel - knit1986 Socks - knit February Goals in... Continue Reading →

Four more hexagons

I really love making these hexes. They're a perfect size for me to feel like I've completed something quickly without hurting my elbow with too much crochet. Sadly I'm getting close to being done with making them and need to focus on joining them, which is less fun. The other struggle I have with this... Continue Reading →

Some new Hexagons

I have still been making new hexagons here and there, even though I have been neglecting my joining. My interest in this project has been faltering a bit, which is pushing me toward choosing a smaller afghan size and finishing sooner. If I can make about 17 more hexes I will have enough for a... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket progress (4)

I haven't been working on this blanket very much, but I do keep making hexes here and there. I also laid out the next round so I can start attaching them, and joined a few. My preference is to lay the blanket on the floor and lay out the hexes for the next round so... Continue Reading →

February 2021 Goals

The year got off to a rocky start but things seem to be looking a bit better every day. Plus I even met all of my goals for the month of January! Completed in January: Fangorn Forest Socks - knitWaffle Hat - knitSwatch Hat - knitPan Protector - crochetLemon Apricot Cake - baking Current WIPs:... Continue Reading →

Pan Protector finished!

It's not the prettiest thing I've ever made, but it is definitely useful! I ran out of the red as I was doing the edging, and decided to just carry on with some variegated yarn. I'm not concerned about how it looks since it will be doing its job in the darkness of our cabinets... Continue Reading →

Pan Protector started

We had a set of pan protectors that we purchased a while ago, but they've started falling apart. I decided to try to replace some with this crocheted version. It gives me a replacement without having to buy anything new, and it uses up some of my giant supply of cotton yarn. Win-win!

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