Dishcloth finished!

It's done! This is such a familiar knit, there's not too much else to say about it. The only reason it wasn't done sooner is because I've also been working on my socks. I find these dishcloths really handy so I always like making them. We tend to use them in place of hot pads... Continue Reading →

Dishcloth progress

I spent most of my conference call knitting time working on this dishcloth today. This pattern is so familiar now. It makes it a very comforting knit. Although truthfully I just want to hurry and get it off the needles so I can focus on my Hoar Frost socks.

Two cast-ons

After finishing my Ripple Bralette over the holiday, I decided to cast on something else right away. I wanted to make sure I'd have something to keep me busy today during conference calls. The yarn I'm using for this dishcloth is reclaimed from a frogged project. Several years ago when I was re-learning crochet I... Continue Reading →

Biohazard Coaster

I made this coaster in a day. We jokingly dubbed these the "biohazard" dishcloths due to the quarantine and to the shocking warning colors. I still have a bit of this yarn left but I'll save it for now and move onto something different for my telework project for next week. When I entered this... Continue Reading →

Another Circular Dishcloth started

#Blapril2020 I made one of these back in January and liked it a lot. Unfortunately I left it back at the other house. Fortunately that gives me an excuse to start this easy telework project. It took some time to get started because I had to re-learn the crochet cast-on. I'm trying this one without... Continue Reading →

Feather Dishcloth started

I started this feather dishcloth to keep practicing and using up scrap yarn. I'm not sure how I feel yet about the blue I just added, but we'll see when it is finished. It took a couple of tries to get this pattern to stick in my brain without messing up, but now I think... Continue Reading →

Seamless Circular Cloth

I'm trying something new this week. Inspired by my struggles with kitchener stitch, I wanted to make some quick projects to either practice or learn new skills. That means I'll be making some more dishcloths. It will use up some of my leftover cotton, and also help me feel like I'm having some quick success... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving projects

I had every intention of getting tons of work done on my socks over the holiday weekend. Instead, I started and finished multiple new projects and barely touched my socks. On Friday I braved going out to buy some supplies from the craft store, and bought some fuzzy yarn I couldn't resist. After debating patterns... Continue Reading →

Yarn chicken dishcloth

I tried to throw together a second dishcloth from the leftover yarn, but I definitely lost at yarn chicken. I was only able to make 13 out of 14 repeats for the pattern before I ran out. Fortunately I think it will still lay flat once I sew it together. If not I will just... Continue Reading →

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