Double knit progress (11)

Work was delayed this morning due to snow, so I had a little time to make progress on my double knitting instead. Now that I'm done with my coffee cozy I'm going to try to finish this up too. It will be nice to have fewer works-in-progress to take with me when I move.


Double knit progress (10)

One row of double knitting tonight. I don't like it when I'm so busy and exhausted that I barely have time for my creative things, but at least I can always find enough time to make some small progress.

Double knit progress (9)

Made a few rows' worth of progress on this tonight. Working with this acrylic yarn and the tightness of the double knit hurts my fingers a bit, but I'm soldiering on. Almost halfway through now!

Double knit progress (8)

I am now 20 rows into this ~60 row project. I feel so much faster, but not fast enough. Every row feels twice as long as it should, which makes sense since every row has double the number of stitches to make it double knit. I want to keep making progress on this, but I'm... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (7)

I picked this back up today after being shamed by my goal review for October. At least this way I know I have already met my goal of making some progress on this project this month 😛 I made the command decision to transfer this onto my interchangables instead of the cheap bamboo straights I... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (5)

I got a couple more rows done on this tonight. I feel like the world's slowest knitter, only getting one or two rows done at a time. Still, I am learning and getting slightly better. The double knitting makes things deceptive because it looks like there's only 40-some stitches in each row but of course... Continue Reading →

Double knit progress (4)

I got another row of double knitting done today. It's weird how long it takes me to do even one row on this project. I'm just too slow and unsure of myself learning this new technique, plus I have to keep checking the chart. Maybe I should have done a couple more easier projects before... Continue Reading →

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