Caramel Socks finished!

I finished my caramel socks! DK socks are really satisfying when you want that super quick project completion fix. These were extra fun since I improvised the pattern. I've twisted the front sock slightly for the photo so you can see the cables. When I wear them, the cables run right down the center of... Continue Reading →

Entrelac Practice finished!

I finished my entrelac piece! It was a lot of fun to knit because it meant putting skills I already know into practice in a new way. The striped yarn playing with the entrelac pattern also made it interesting to look at the whole way through. Even though this is destined to be a dishcloth,... Continue Reading →

Magical Shorties finished!

I finished these up over the weekend. The colors look fantastic and I love everything about them. I also appreciate the weather here getting cooler for the next week so I can actually enjoy wearing them a bit before all my knitted things disappear for the summer.

Witchling Sweater finished!

Another sweater project finished! This project slowed down for a bit in the middle but once I got to the sleeves it absolutely flew off my needles. This pattern was the perfect combination of plain simple sections with some interesting bits to keep me motivated. I loved knitting the colorwork because even though it slowed... Continue Reading →

Transverse finished!!

My beautiful sweater is finished, and it took less than three months! That's not to shabby at all for a fingering weight garment. I was really paranoid about how it was going to grow when I blocked it, but it worked out fine. It's a little bigger than I would like but it isn't so... Continue Reading →

Half Washcloth Again

I was trying really hard not to start any new projects for a bit, but this one happened out of necessity. I had a dentist appointment and needed a small project I could work on in the waiting room. My sweater and shawl are both way too big and complicated to take out of the... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties finished!

I got these all finished in no time! I was really happy that I had enough yarn to make these without breaking into a third color. There are about two extra rounds of the yellow "yochlol" color before the toe but otherwise it worked out perfectly. If I make another pair out of these advent... Continue Reading →

Fast Hat finished!

I finished up this hat on Saturday night. It looks a little bell-shaped but it fits pretty nicely. Considering that I was making up this pattern as I went I think it turned out really well. It used up most of the leftover yarn from the shawl and it matches perfectly. Puzzling out how to... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl finished!

I got it done before the weekend! The spouse tried it on and liked it, although if I make another he might prefer it a little more snug. It came out very cozy and I am really happy with the acrylic yarn I used. The only complaint I had is that it's so fluffy it... Continue Reading →

Hex Blanket finished!!!

I did it! I managed to get this blanket finished before the end of the year! This is pretty much all I have been working on over my winter break, but it has been worth it. I am quite pleased with how this turned out. It used up a ton of my acrylic yarn and... Continue Reading →

Xmas Shorties finished!

I finished these short socks up in no time! Sure, they're still a little bit damp from blocking, but they should dry in time to wear them on Sunday for our holiday tradition of super xmas. I am really pleased with how these came out. When I split the yarn for my first pair there... Continue Reading →

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