Single Malt (for me) finished!

It's all done! I got very distracted but I finally managed to get it finished. This project was every bit as enjoyable as the first time I made it, but I probably should have knit something else in between these two sweaters just to keep things more interesting for myself. I love the color of... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf 2 finished!

This scarf went even faster than the first one! Even with the adjustment I made to try to conserve yarn, I had to stop one row short of what the pattern calls for in width. On the plus side, I used up the entire skein of gold yarn. I also had enough of the yellow... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf finished!

It's finished! I am really happy with this finished scarf. There was just barely enough black yarn in my stash to add 2 rows of single crochet to the ends. Once I finished with those I decided not to do the crab stitch border. If there had been enough of the black left I think... Continue Reading →

Kraken Cowl finished!

I hope you had a lovely xmas if you celebrate it! I have been enjoying some time off this week, and have used that time to finish this cowl! The colors are not quite as high contrast as I would prefer, but you can definitely still see the image in the colorwork. I also realized... Continue Reading →

Single Malt finished!

It's done! And with plenty of time to spare before xmas! If it took slightly longer than I had hoped, that's probably because of all the moving chaos. The knitting process for this sweater was great the whole way through. I also really enjoyed knitting a garment out of this non-superwash wool. The sweater is... Continue Reading →

Very Green Socks finished!

I'm posting a little later than usual, but I got my socks finished! They do still need to be washed, but at least all the knitting and weaving in ends is done. I really like the way these turned out. The silver toes are a little silly but since nobody will ever see them but... Continue Reading →

Another Seamless Circular Dishcloth

I wanted to use up some more cotton yarn so I decided to make yet another dishcloth. I keep playing around with variations of this pattern to find out what I like best. The "seamless" version, which starts with a provisional cast on and ends with grafting, definitely looks the best. This cloth was made... Continue Reading →

Seamless Circular Dishcloth

I finished this a couple days ago, but it had to wait because I was too excited to show off my finished tee. I cast on fewer stitches than the pattern called for, forgetting that the Dishie yarn makes a slightly smaller cloth to begin with. The result is almost but not quite too small... Continue Reading →

Napatree Tee finished!

I am so excited that this project is done! Even better, it is still summertime and I can actually wear it a bit before the weather changes! It definitely required a few alterations to fit my tastes, but they were worth it because I love the finished product. The whole thing was done with a... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Fix finished!

I'm skipping my blanket update for this week so I can share this finished project instead! It has not been re-blocked yet but otherwise it is all done. The sleeves ended up needing more length than I originally thought, but I am very happy with how they turned out. This cardigan is so squishy and... Continue Reading →

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