Blue Napatree Tee finished!

It's done! It still needs to be blocked, but for the purposes of my monthly goals this is definitely a win! When I made my first version last year, it took just over four months. This one clocked in at just under one and a half months. What a huge difference! Of course it helped... Continue Reading →

Rat plushie finished!

I made this project as a bit of a joke gift for a friend of mine who is moving away. I have made a ton of crocheted amigurumi, but this was my first attempt at knitting a plush toy like this. A crochet project like this would go fairly quickly, and I was pleased to... Continue Reading →

Starfish Dishcloths finished!

I started these up over the weekend and worked on them in bits and pieces when I needed a break from tiny fingering weight stitches. The "starfish" colorway looks great when it is worked up. I made a total of four, in two different styles of dishcloth just to change things up a little and... Continue Reading →

Goblin Shorties finished!

They're done! They still need some ends woven in, but I managed to get them finished in less than a week! I feel so much better about my sock knitting mojo now. These worked up super fast and I enjoyed every stitch. Maybe with the last pair my brain was just trying to tell me... Continue Reading →

Green Static Socks finished!

So maybe this is cheating slightly, considering that they are still wet from blocking and there are ends that still need to be woven in. The important thing is that they are off the needles! I really don't know if it was something about this project or my mood or what, but these socks took... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh finished!

It has been done for a few days now, but it is finally blocked and dry and ready to show off! My calculations for the brim seemed to have worked out perfectly. You can wear it with the purple brim, or flip it inside out and have the variegated yarn the whole way up. I... Continue Reading →

Tawashi Knot finished!

We have an extra post today because I wanted to share this project too. I was not content to stop at two pot scrubbers. I found the pattern for the Tawashi Knot a while ago, and finally decided to try it. From looking at the photos I thought it would be a small scrubber, but... Continue Reading →

Another Pot Scrubber finished!

My hat is still not dry, and I am not quite up to starting another big project just yet. That meant that another scrubber was exactly the correct speed. I modified the pattern slightly on this one, casting on only 14 stitches and knitting 18 rows. It makes a better match for our old scrubby... Continue Reading →

Best Pot Scrubber finished!

I needed a quick palate cleanser while waiting for my hat to dry. This quick knit seemed like just the thing, especially since it let me use up some of scrubby yarn stash and cotton scraps. The pattern is incredibly simple, and knit up super fast. I do not enjoy working with scrubby yarn at... Continue Reading →

Funfetti finished!

It seems like once I hit the halfway point this project almost knit itself. It was so quick and satisfying! I am very happy with the way everything turned out. The pastel colors with the grey and the pops of dark orange all work really well together. It's a very narrow shawl, almost a scarf,... Continue Reading →

Countdown Cardi finished!

It's all done! This project took just slightly over a month to finish, which feels pretty fast for a dk weight sweater for me. Working with my advent minis was a bit of a pain due to all the ends that needed to be woven in, but it was totally worth it. The final sweater... Continue Reading →

Sea Lettuce Shawl finished!

I love how this turned out! It is amazing to me how I went from absolutely hating this yarn when I was knitting with it, to being perfectly fine with it here. It helps that I really love the colors, and I love how they play together in the different size stripes that I added.... Continue Reading →

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