Bankhead Hat

I started this hat almost immediately after binding off my Musselburgh. This one is a child size, knit as an xmas gift using yarn leftover from my Waffle Hat. It felt amazing to fly through this little hat in one day after spending so long working on my cardigan and my Musselburgh hat. I think... Continue Reading →

Spouse Socks started

I couldn't stay away from socks for very long. This pair will be for my spouse. I'm trying to see if 64 stitches on 2.5 mm needles will be a good size for him. I'm also experimenting with a wool-free yarn. It seems to be working up just fine so far. Once I get into... Continue Reading →

Dad Socks finished!

I won at yarn chicken! One sock was very close (less than one meter left), and the other was a little bit safer. Overall I had less than a gram of yarn leftover, so it was a good way to fully use up this grey scrap yarn. I do have plenty of the main color... Continue Reading →

Dad Socks progress (7)

I worked on these a bunch over the weekend instead of making my xmas balls. Now they're almost up to the toes. I had definitely lost my sock mojo for a while but I think I fully found it again now. I have a couple of weeks of (virtually) attending a big conference for work... Continue Reading →

Dad Sock progress (6)

I keep checking my progress against this template of my Dad's foot. I think I expect that somehow it is going to magically grow overnight and I won't have to knit another 3.5 inches of the foot. If this pair was for me, I'd already be starting the toe right about now. This is definitely... Continue Reading →

Gift Hat

Late last week I started this hat. Mostly I wanted to use up some of the extra yarn I had from my puffin hat(s). After some conversation with my friend who really liked this color, I decided it would be a hat for him. It was good relaxation knitting while I went to the dentist... Continue Reading →

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