Dad Socks finished!

I won at yarn chicken! One sock was very close (less than one meter left), and the other was a little bit safer. Overall I had less than a gram of yarn leftover, so it was a good way to fully use up this grey scrap yarn. I do have plenty of the main color... Continue Reading →

Dad Socks progress (7)

I worked on these a bunch over the weekend instead of making my xmas balls. Now they're almost up to the toes. I had definitely lost my sock mojo for a while but I think I fully found it again now. I have a couple of weeks of (virtually) attending a big conference for work... Continue Reading →

Dad Sock progress (6)

I keep checking my progress against this template of my Dad's foot. I think I expect that somehow it is going to magically grow overnight and I won't have to knit another 3.5 inches of the foot. If this pair was for me, I'd already be starting the toe right about now. This is definitely... Continue Reading →

Gift Hat

Late last week I started this hat. Mostly I wanted to use up some of the extra yarn I had from my puffin hat(s). After some conversation with my friend who really liked this color, I decided it would be a hat for him. It was good relaxation knitting while I went to the dentist... Continue Reading →

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