Single Malt finished!

It's done! And with plenty of time to spare before xmas! If it took slightly longer than I had hoped, that's probably because of all the moving chaos. The knitting process for this sweater was great the whole way through. I also really enjoyed knitting a garment out of this non-superwash wool. The sweater is... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (15)

Almost done! I just finished knitting the sleeves, so now all I need to do is a few inches of ribbing for the cuffs. I'm a little bit nervous about the length but I think it should be ok. I'm used to being able to try things on for myself to make sure it fits... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (14)

My dad's sweater is inching closer and closer to being done. I finished all the sleeve decreases so it is just straight knitting in pattern until the cuffs now. There's not really a lot new to say about this knit since I am still working steadily and still really enjoying it. I did notice that... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (13)

I'm almost finished with the decrease section on the sleeves. There's still no feeling of "sleeve island" because this is very enjoyable to knit. The two skeins I am using are almost gone and I am trying to decide whether to use separate skeins or pull from both ends of one skein for the rest... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (12)

The sleeves are coming along nicely. I'm over halfway through the decrease section, after which it will be smooth sailing until the cuffs. I'm a little sad about setting aside my MKAL knit, but I am really grateful for the extra time to spend on this sweater. This project has been such a pleasure to... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (11)

I've made some progress on the sleeves since the last time I showed this sweater. There's still a good ways to go, but at least the number of stitches is decreasing every few rows now! My two-at-a-time experiment seems to be mostly a success and there's no noticeable difference where the sleeves start. The only... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (9)

This weekend is a holiday weekend for me. Normally that might mean lots of extra knitting time. Right now it means extra trips back and forth between houses, with some excursions to Home Depot thrown in. At least I have been able to work on this sweater a bit in the evenings, so I have... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (8)

I'm still technically on hiatus since I don't have my office/knitting space set up at the new house yet. That won't stop me from checking in at least a little bit with sporadic updates. I've been working steadily on my dad's Single Malt sweater. It goes fairly quickly when I can find some uninterrupted time... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (7)

I am still technically on my moving hiatus, but I thought I could at least give a weekly update on my sweater progress. This has become my comfort knitting in the evenings after running back and forth between the old and new houses. It is especially soothing now that I'm past the sleeve split and... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (6)

I swear every photo I take of this sweater turns out a completely different color. Today it is looking very olive, but in person it is a much more forest green color. It looks quite beautiful in natural light but it seems impossible to photograph. The important thing is that I have been enjoying working... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (5)

There's just a few more rows on this sweater since the last time I showed it. Slow progress is still progress though! I'm inching ever closer to the split for the sleeves. I am still really enjoying this stitch pattern, it is keeping things interesting.

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