Single Malt progress (5)

There's just a few more rows on this sweater since the last time I showed it. Slow progress is still progress though! I'm inching ever closer to the split for the sleeves. I am still really enjoying this stitch pattern, it is keeping things interesting.

Single Malt progress (4)

I mostly worked on my socks over the weekend, but now that they are finished I'm happily back to my dad's sweater. There's still a long way to go before I split for the sleeves, but I am enjoying the journey. Now that there is more to look at, the texture looks amazing. I can't... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (3)

I already finished off the first (50g) skein of yarn for this project. It is moving along at a reasonable pace, even if I am not quite halfway to the split for the sleeves yet. I've reached the point of memorizing the pattern, including the raglan increases, so that helps keep me moving. This yarn... Continue Reading →

Single Malt progress (2)

Here's my current sweater progress. Once again my poor socks are left unloved because I'm more interested in a bigger project. I can't help myself though. The start of a top-down sweater is especially satisfying since the round start out so short. You feel like you are flying along for a little while!

Single Malt progress

I got a decent start on this sweater over the weekend. I really love the texture that this pattern uses, even if it does slow me down a bit. The color is also really nice. It's a little darker of a green than it appears in the photo, and there's a very pretty subtle heather... Continue Reading →

Single Malt started!

It took me a couple tries to actually get the cast on for this sweater correct, but it is all set now! This will eventually be a Single Malt sweater for my dad. I'm hoping to get it finished in time for xmas. It is a heavy worsted weight pattern, so it should go pretty... Continue Reading →

Newborn Vertebrae finished!

The baby cardigan is done! I had plenty of time to finish it up and get it blocked over the weekend. It turned out so cute! I really love all the colors in this yarn, and it is fun having the different stripes and pooling in the different parts of the sweater. This knit up... Continue Reading →

Newborn Vertebrae progress (3)

My new needles arrived! I'm really glad they did because I don't think picking up all of those stitches with my wooden needles would have been very fun. Even with the new metal needles I had to employ my trusty crochet hook every once in a while to get everything picked up properly. Once that... Continue Reading →

Newborn Vertebrae progress (2)

I've made lots of progress on this baby sweater since the last time I showed it. I finished the back by the end of the week, and then spent the weekend knitting the sleeves. It looks mostly done now, but I still have to pick up all of the stitches along the front and collar... Continue Reading →

Newborn Vertebrae progress

One night of progress looks like a lot when you are knitting a baby sweater. I split for the sleeves and am zooming through the body now that there's way fewer stitches on the needles. It feels like I'll be done in no time, but I know I will slow down when I have to... Continue Reading →

Newborn Vertebrae started

This is the other project I was working on over the weekend. It's another baby knit for a friend who is expecting. Having two fingering weight garments on the needles at once would usually be a nightmare but this one is so tiny it doesn't feel so bad. Plus this yarn is so cute and... Continue Reading →

Fast Hat finished!

I finished up this hat on Saturday night. It looks a little bell-shaped but it fits pretty nicely. Considering that I was making up this pattern as I went I think it turned out really well. It used up most of the leftover yarn from the shawl and it matches perfectly. Puzzling out how to... Continue Reading →

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