Fadewalker Mitts

I reclaimed the yarn from the glove I was making for my mom and cast on this pair for myself. It seemed a shame to throw out such beautiful yarn. Fingerless gloves are satisfyingly quick knits and it felt nice to finish something.


I started these gloves over a week ago. They were meant to be an xmas gift for my mom. I was working on them when I got the call last week that she had been rushed to the ER with chest pains. I brought them with me when I drove up to be with my... Continue Reading →

More mitt progress

The good news is I made a good amount of progress on this glove tonight. The bad news is I've run out of episodes of the Great British Baking Show to watch while I crochet. We have to wait a while still for more episodes to be released on Netflix. Any suggestions for a good... Continue Reading →

Second glove progress

Had a rough, sick day today but I still got to enjoy working on these gloves for a little while. The zig-zags are so fun to make, they put a smile on my face even when I'm not feeling great. I really want to make a pair of these for myself in colors I like... Continue Reading →

One La Chocolatière done

I finished off one of my mitts tonight. That is, if you don't count weaving in the obvious ends. I'm still definitely calling it a win. The second one should go much faster now that I know what I'm doing. I think if I make these again I'd go up one hook size, because it's... Continue Reading →

Mitts progress (4)

Lots of progress tonight. I might have achieved even more if my crocheting hadn't been interrupted by one of the biggest wolf spiders I've ever seen inside my house. My good for nothing cats didn't hunt it down but luckily the spouse did. I don't think I'd be able to sleep tonight if it was... Continue Reading →

Mitts progress (3)

It's nice to be working on something pretty that isn't on a deadline, although maybe I'd be making more progress each night that way. I really like the design of these gloves, and individually I like the colors and the yarn I'm working with. Even so I don't think I like the combination of colors,... Continue Reading →

Mitts progress (2)

I got a few more rows done on these gloves tonight. I've finally got the zig-zag pattern memorized, but I still have to check the pattern for the section around the thumb on each row. I decided to start trying to carry the yarn up the side instead of finishing off with each color switch.... Continue Reading →

Mitts progress

I made a little progress on this new project tonight. You can get a good idea of the shape and pattern now, and for once I managed to capture the colors and the sparkle of the yarn in my photo!

La Chocolatière Mitts

I decided I didn't want to stop working with this lovely sparkly yarn so I looked for a pattern that I could make with the bits I have leftover. I found these gorgeous fingerless gloves with a zig-zag design and decided to start right away. The free pattern is available at Knitting and So On.

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