Finished Socks!

Aren't they beautiful?! This has been a huge goal of mine since I started to teach myself to knit, but I still can't believe how easy these were. Each one took a bit more than one month at my usual knitting pace, which isn't too bad. Now that I have some confidence I hope I... Continue Reading →


August 2019 Goals (and Blaugust kickoff!)

July felt like it was all socks, all the time for me, but in fact I did make a few other things too. Completed in June: Yet another dishcloth A weird coaster Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet Gipsy Avenger - plastic model Irish Snood - crochet Hermione's Everyday Socks - knitting... Continue Reading →

July 2019 Goals

In June I got over most of my sock knitting fears. For July we'll see if I can avoid second sock syndrome! Completed in June: A bag for Pride A Pride shawl One sock!!! (I'm still counting it as June even though I grafted it today...) Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet... Continue Reading →

June 2019 Goals

May was a month of travel, and of finally having the courage to try knitting socks. June will be all about finishing those socks! Completed in May: A hat to match my scarf Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet Gipsy Avenger - plastic model Irish Snood - crochet Hermione's Everyday Socks -... Continue Reading →

May 2019 Goals

Even though I didn't have that much more time for crafting in April I definitely feel like I got a lot more accomplished than in the past few months. Completed in April: My Dissertation! A fishy bag A skull bag Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet Gipsy Avenger - plastic model Grace's... Continue Reading →

April 2019 Goals

March had a huge bite taken out of it by major life events, but I still got a few things accomplished. Now that I am finally starting to feel settled in my new place and job I am hoping that April will be a more creative month for me. Completed in March: Irish Hiking Scarf... Continue Reading →

March 2019 Goals

February was my first month of a new place and new job. It was hectic but I still managed to keep up with daily creative things. It feels bad that I have all the same WIPs that I had in January, but at least I also have two completed items to go with them! Completed... Continue Reading →

February 2019 Goals

I survived my crazy January, and have slowly been whittling away at my stash. Now it's time to look back on what I finished and think about what's ahead: Completed in January: Slippers for my Spouse A colorwork coffee cozy A mini washcloth/coaster My Horde double knit square Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom)... Continue Reading →

January 2019 Goals

It's a brand new year! December was apparently the month of dishcloths for me. It was a very busy month and I ended up with more things in progress than finished. Let's see where I ended up: Completed in December: Fortune's Shawlette A dishcloth Another dishcloth Yet another dishcloth Two cakes Way too many krusciki... Continue Reading →

December 2018 Goals

I didn't finish much in November, but I made a lot of progress on a lot of different projects. I'm pleased overall, even if I didn't hit most of my goals for the month. Completed in November: A cool-looking hat A pizza from scratch Another pizza Current WIPs: Giant red blanket – crochet Gipsy Avenger... Continue Reading →

November 2018 Goals

I managed to complete a few projects in October even though I lost a bunch of time due to travel. I didn't meet many of my goals but I still feel like it was a pretty productive month for me. Completed in October: A gift shawl Some photos from my DC trip La Chocolatière Mitts... Continue Reading →

October 2018 Goals

September was a strange month for progress. I didn't finish much, but I did start a fairly big project and almost completed it. Let's see how I did on my goals! Completed in September: Campfire Cardigan Current WIPs: Solaris Shawl - crochet - No progress. Giant red blanket - crochet - No progress. Gipsy Avenger... Continue Reading →

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