June 2023 Goals

I was so completely focused on my Napatree Tee this month that I didn't get much else done. But I did actually finish that one big project! Completed in May: Blue Napatree Tee - knit Current WIPs: Cabin Socks - knit Twists & Turns - knit Smiles for Miles Blanket - crochet May Goals in... Continue Reading →

May 2023 Goals

I completed all of my April goals! Let's see if I can do the same in May. Completed in April: Best Pot Scrubber - knit Another Pot Scrubber - knit Tawashi Knot - knit Fluorite Musselburgh - knit Green Static Socks - knit Goblin Shorties - knit Starfish Dishcloths - knit Current WIPs: Blue Napatree... Continue Reading →

April 2023 Goals

This has been a month of big progress on big projects and little progress on little projects. Completed in March: Funfetti - knit Gift knit - knit Current WIPs: Twists & Turns - knit Green Static Socks - knit Smiles for Miles Blanket - crochet Fluorite Musselburgh - knit March Goals in review: Start a... Continue Reading →

March 2023 Goals

February was a good cozy crafting month. And I am getting better about letting go of projects that aren't making me happy! Completed in February: Sea Lettuce Shawl - crochet Countdown Cardi - knit Current WIPs: Twists & Turns - knit Green Static Socks - knit Funfetti - knit Frogged: Highway Cowl - knit February... Continue Reading →

February 2023 Goals

The year is off to a really productive start! I already have 3 finished objects and part of a cardigan done. Completed in January: Snow Country Scarf - crochet Snow Country Scarf 2 - crochet Single Malt for Me - knit Current WIPs: Twists & Turns - knit Countdown Cardi - knit Highway Cowl -... Continue Reading →

January 2023 Goals

Another crafty year has come and gone. Now it is time to take stock of what I've accomplished and set my big goals for the new year! Completed in December: Kraken Cowl - knit Scrappy Xmas Shorties - knit Advent Overdye - yarn dyeing Current WIPs: Twists & Turns - knit Single Malt for Me... Continue Reading →

December 2022 Goals

My move is finally done! Sure, there's still a lot of unpacking and cleaning and organizing to do, but the hardest part is behind me (I hope), and I have a nice long xmas break coming soon! Completed in November: Single Malt - knit Scrappy Seattle Shorties - knit Current WIPs: Twists & Turns -... Continue Reading →

November 2022 Goals

Hopefully I will be able to post normally again this month. My house situation is still chaotic but is finally settling down just in time for me to try to get my xmas knitting done. Completed in October: Nothing 😦 Current WIPs: Single Malt - knit Scrappy Seattle Shorties - knit Twists & Turns -... Continue Reading →

October 2022 Goals

I have a new house! But I am still in the midst of moving, so my posting will be sporadic for a bit longer. At least I'm keeping up with my crafting goals in the middle of all the chaos. Completed in September: Very Green Socks - knit Current WIPs: Single Malt - knit Scrappy... Continue Reading →

September 2022 Goals

I actually finished some things this month! September might make things a little more difficult, since we are moving a few hours away. Wish me luck! Completed in August: Granny Blanket - crochetNapatree Tee - knitSeamless Circular Dishcloth - knit Current WIPs: Very Green Socks - knitSingle Malt - knit August Goals in review: Start... Continue Reading →

August 2022 Goals

Everything is way too hot but I'm still over here knitting every day. That's dedication to the hobby. Completed in July: None?! This might be a first since I started doing monthly updates! Current WIPs: Granny Blanket - crochetNapatree Tee - knitVery Green Socks - knit July Goals in review: Get to the sleeve separation... Continue Reading →

July 2022 Goals

We're well and truly into summertime now. That means we're inching closer to autumn, my favorite time of year. As long as I can survive the next few hot, humid months I'll be rewarded with sweater weather! Completed in June: Newborn Vertebrae - knitWingspan Overdye Experiment - yarn dyeing Fluff Nugget fix - knit Current... Continue Reading →

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