Halloween Socks finished!

They're done! For some reason it felt like it took longer than usual to weave in all the ends, but still a piece of cake. I'm glad I managed to get through these while it is still somewhat close to the spooky season. I'm also glad I ended up having exactly enough of the self-striping... Continue Reading →

Halloween Socks progress (7)

I got through a few more stripes on my socks last night. Now I only have one or two more stripes left to go on the foot, which is a very good thing. You can see from the remaining yarn that I don't have much choice, since I'm about to run out. There's maybe one... Continue Reading →

Halloween Socks progress (6)

I didn't get much work done on my Halloween Socks over the weekend. I had lots of good intentions about knitting time but instead I ended up doing things like going to the park, or playing video games. They are still moving forward though. Now I'm almost halfway through the foot. With any luck I... Continue Reading →

Halloween Socks progress (5)

I do have other projects on the needles but it has been nice to focus on just this one all week. It reminds me a bit of back when I first started this blog, just watching a single project grow a little bit every day. I've finished the heels of these socks so it should... Continue Reading →

Halloween Socks progress (3)

Well I definitely didn't make my goal of finishing the heels before tonight. I got most of the way through one of them but just didn't have enough knitting time to finish both. I'll be able to start on the second one tonight and see how far I can get. The shadow wrap heel is... Continue Reading →

Spoopy Socks progress (3)

I've added a few more stripes and am now about halfway through the foot. I feel like these should be going faster because I'm not knitting on anything else, but my overall knitting time has been a bit low this week. Work has been really busy, so I'm grateful to have this fun project to... Continue Reading →

Spoopy Socks progress (2)

As you can see, I finished the second heel and have started knitting these two-at-a-time. I've made it about three stripes into the foot. I'm being pretty monogamous with these socks because I love them so much and I need them to be done in time to wear for Halloween. I also can not say... Continue Reading →

Spoopy Socks progress

I spent most of my weekend knitting time working on these socks. As you can see, I have made it through the heel on the first sock and have started the heel on the second one. The pattern calls for a heel flap and gusset but I am substituting a shadow wrap heel. I've only... Continue Reading →

Bat Dishcloth finished!

I knew it would be quick! It is a really cute pattern. You can find it here at Yarnspirations. It only really took one good evening to finish it off. It's fast and fun!

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