Xmas Socks started!

I finished one pair of socks and had to start this pair almost immediately. This is another skein of yarn from Area 51 Fibres and I am just completely in love. There is something completely magical about self striping yarn with bands of variegation/speckles in between the solid stripes. Since I had so many motivation... Continue Reading →

Three Xmas Gifts

Today I'm showing off the start of my Harmonize shawl, as well as the rad new project bag that my SIL gave me for xmas. The Incyanity yarn was also an xmas gift, from my spouse. It's a wool/silk blend that is way too pretty to turn into socks. I don't think I've ever knit... Continue Reading →

So much cake

An entire shelf of my fridge is full of cake for tomorrow. I actually baked the cakes over the weekend. Today I made the frosting and finished everything. There's some leftover frosting in the coolwhip tub. We'll probably put that on every dessert for the rest of the year...


Today was our annual krusciki day. They are Polish fried bow-ties from a recipe handed down to me from my mom. I think they are traditionally served at easter time, but we always had them at xmas in my family. It took about 6 hours from pre-cleaning through the final clean up afterwards. We ended... Continue Reading →

Holiday spirit?

I did a little knitting tonight, but the thing I really want to share with you is our xmas tree. This is the busiest, most stressful xmas season I've had in as long as I can remember. Between finishing my degree, starting a new job, and moving, there's just not a lot of mental or... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving scarf progress

I am back from my holiday travels. Between all the time in the car and some quiet time with family I got a lot of work done on this scarf. Now I've had lots of practice with cables and I think I actually enjoy them!

Day 154: Soup

So much soup! I really wanted to have some soup around for superxmas so I had to make it today if I wanted homemade. I won't be home all day tomorrow. For the uninitiated, superxmas is that wonderful day after xmas where you can stay in your pajamas all day and you don't have to... Continue Reading →

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