Hoodie finished!

I finally finished it! It's been in progress since June, but it feels like forever. I'm so happy with how it turned out. For reference, the original pattern is The Campfire Cardigan. Now I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can actually wear it. The hot summer temperatures we have today... Continue Reading →

Hoodie mostly finished!

I actually finished crocheting my hoodie today! All that is left is weaving in the ends and adding the button(s). I still haven't decided if I'm using one or both of the buttons I bought, I want to try it on once everything else is finished and see what I prefer. I'm so pleased with... Continue Reading →

More hoodie edging

I got about a row and a half of the border done tonight. It would have been more but I spent a bunch of time winding up some of the leftover yarn from this project into balls for storage. I used a multi-color "cake" yarn (Lion Brand Mandala) for this project, but I ended up... Continue Reading →

Hoodie finishing

I finished the hood! I got it all sewed up and the ends woven in, then did a couple rows of granny stitch border to give it more depth. Now I'm working on the final edging of the whole cardigan. I'm playing a bit of yarn chicken, hoping to do one row of SC in... Continue Reading →

Hood seaming

I finished crocheting the hood today! I didn't quite leave myself enough time to do all of the seaming but I'll get it tomorrow for sure. The last thing left to do is the edging. I don't think I want to do granny stitch all the way around again like the pattern says. I may... Continue Reading →

More hood progress (6)

To nobody's great surprise I did not get the hood finished today. I did get pretty far though. I decided to decrease a little bit in the top rows to try to shape it a little nicer than the original pattern. We will see soon if it actually works!

More hood progress (5)

My arm is feeling better and the crocheting is going really well. You can see how much progress I've made today. It has a couple more inches to go. If I'm lucky I might even get it done this weekend!

More hood progress (4)

I got a few more rows of my hood done tonight. All of the increases are done, so it should be smooth and easy until I get to the top of the hood. It feels so good to be crocheting again! I have really enjoyed learning how to knit, but it makes me appreciate my... Continue Reading →

Solid hoodie progress (3)

I actually made some solid progress on my hoodie today! I got a few rows done and got a few increases in so it is starting to look hood-shaped. It is almost as wide as it needs to be now, and mostly needs more height.

Hoodie hood progress

I picked this back up again for a few minutes today. I am so frustrated with my elbow because I was hoping to be finished with my hoodie by now, but I'm grateful that it has been feeling much better than it was. I will keep icing it every day and limiting my crochet time... Continue Reading →

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