Hoodie progress – starting the hood

I'm finally adding the hood to my hoodie. It doesn't look like much more than a collar right now but it will be a full cozy hood soon. Between my progress on this and my start to the MCAL I've discovered that my elbow is not fully healed. Sadly I think that means I might... Continue Reading →

Day 365: Hoodie progress

I've accounted for a full 365 days worth of posts! Even though I had my 1-year blogaversary a little while ago, this feels more important to me. I really have managed to do something creative every day for over a year! Today I worked on my hoodie cardigan. The length is just about right, so... Continue Reading →

Day 347: Weaving in ends

I'm still avoiding crochet for a while until my elbow heals up, but I couldn't stay away from this sweater. It is frustrating to be so far along with this project and unable to keep working on it. If I can't crochet at least I can weave in ends. From the dozens that I started... Continue Reading →

Day 343: Hoodie progress

Got another row done on the bottom edge of my hoodie. I think I will end up playing yarn chicken because I'm not sure if there's enough to finish the bottom and the hood.

Day 340: Hoodie progress

Today's progress was mostly weaving in ends again. It feels like a major accomplishment that I've only got about 5 left to deal with. Also the bottom of the sweater only needs a few more inches until I'll be happy with the length.

Day 339: Hoodie progress

I got all the ends along the bottom edge woven in last night, so I gave myself permission to work on adding length today. If I have more time later I might try to deal with a few more loose ends too. The fish blanket had a ton of ends but I was very good... Continue Reading →

Day 337: Hoodie progress

I started adding some width to the front of the hoodie. Once it covers my chest I'll switch and just add more length to the bottom until I'm happy with it. It's working up very quickly now!

Day 336: Hoodie progress

Both sleeves are done! It looks like an actual sweater now! I think that's all of the complicated parts of the pattern. The rest should just be adding length and some more coverage to the front. And weaving in the many, many ends...

Day 335: Hoodie sleeve

I finished one sleeve of my hoodie cardigan. Because I'm a rebel, I swapped out the simple edging from the pattern for one I like a little bit better. One thing that feels pretty amazing about learning so many new crochet techniques over the past year is that I feel confident enough to make changes... Continue Reading →

Day 334: Shawl progress

I made another good effort at the border for this shawl today. If I can spend some time on it over the holiday this week I might actually get it finished by next weekend. I really like this pattern but if I make it again it will be without the beads just so it doesn't... Continue Reading →

Day 332: Hoodie seaming

I started seaming the back and arms of my hoodie. I've never done much sewing, so this was the first time I learned mattress stitch. I used this tutorial at Moogly. It's so simple and it looks so good! I wish I had learned this stitch much sooner!

Day 331: Hoodie progress

It's just about ready to sew up! I Think I might add just one more row to the top of the sleeves so it will fit more comfortably over winter clothes. I realized I had been trying it on every time wearing a t-shirt so I wasn't getting a realistic fit. It is looking great... Continue Reading →

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