It’s That Fast Cowl progress

This cowl is coming along nicely. You can see I've about doubled the length of it since yesterday. I continue to really enjoy how this pattern looks interesting and yet is incredibly easy to memorize. Most likely one or two more days will be enough to finish this project at this rate. Work has entered... Continue Reading →

It’s That Fast Cowl started

I've started another cowl for my spouse. This time I'm using the bulky version of this Hobbii yarn and it is knitting up super quick. If I can focus on it for another day or two I should be able to get it done in a hurry. While I don't love knitting with acrylic, I... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties started

I started on this pair of shorty socks this weekend. They are using some of my yarn advent minis, the prettiest of which is called "Hippogriff" so that's what I'm naming this project. Based on the other shorties I've made, I probably will need a third color to finish these off, but that's ok. I... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl finished!

I got it done before the weekend! The spouse tried it on and liked it, although if I make another he might prefer it a little more snug. It came out very cozy and I am really happy with the acrylic yarn I used. The only complaint I had is that it's so fluffy it... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (7)

I knit a few rounds on my sweater this week. It's not much but every little bit helps. I'm creeping closer to the point where I split for the sleeves. In fact I think I only have 2 more increase rounds left, so I'm just about at the maximum stitch count. It will be nice... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl progress (3)

I only got a few rows done on this cowl in the last couple days. I had some dental work done this week and I've been tired and sore and not much in the mood for knitting. Hopefully as I keep feeling better my knitting mojo will return. There's not much left to do on... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl progress (2)

I got quite a lot of the body of this cowl done over the weekend. The stockinette sure goes way faster than the ribbing does. There's just a few more inches to go and then I'll be back to ribbing again. This project is going very quickly but it is not the most exciting thing.... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl progress

I finished the ribbing on this cowl and have just started into the main body. This pattern is extremely simple, plain stockinette, so it is perfect tv knitting. I would like to get this done ASAP so the spouse can wear it right away, but that means taking time away from my sweater knitting. It's... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl started

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I finished weaving in all of the ends on my Hex Blanket but didn't have time to take a photo and post it. Now that such a huge project is behind me I have more mental space to think about new things. I decided to make my first... Continue Reading →

Transverse progress (6)

I made some progress on this sweater over the holidays, even if I was spending most of my time on other projects. This one is mostly tv knitting for now. I'm at the point where I only have to worry about increases every few rows so I can mostly just mindlessly knit. It is relaxing... Continue Reading →

January 2022 Goals

2021 was such a strange year. Things got better but never quite back to "normal". I got a new job and have still not met most of my coworkers in person yet. But at least I got a ton of knitting done and made quite a few projects that I am really proud of. Completed... Continue Reading →

Xmas Shorties finished!

I finished these short socks up in no time! Sure, they're still a little bit damp from blocking, but they should dry in time to wear them on Sunday for our holiday tradition of super xmas. I am really pleased with how these came out. When I split the yarn for my first pair there... Continue Reading →

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