Funfetti progress (8)

It is time for a brief pause on this project, because I've just finished off my next-to-last ball of yarn. I could keep going by working off of both ends of the remaining ball, but that seems like a recipe for a tangled headache. Instead I'll just wait for the extra yarn I ordered to... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (7)

I got lots of work done on this over the weekend. I'm trying to decide how many more blocks of this pink I want to make before I swap to another. My hope was to finish off the whole mini, but if I do that it will take up almost half of the shawl. I... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (6)

For today's update I figured I would give you a peek at the wrong side of my shawl. The intarsia method is definitely simpler than stranded colorwork, but it sure does leave a lot of ends to weave in. I have been trying to do my best to weave them in as I go because... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (5)

Here's my latest shawl progress. It is still going well, and it is still the main project I reach for when I have some spare time for knitting. I always forget about the way shawls keep growing. So it feels like I should be well past the mid-way point by now, but in fact I... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh progress

I've added some length to this hat, and am completely done with the increases. Now it is just miles and miles of stockinette for the foreseeable future. At some point I will start laying this out next to my other Musselburgh hat to try to figure out where to add the contrast color. I would... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (4)

I spent most of my weekend playing video games instead of knitting, but I did still get some good progress on this shawl. I've started on the last of my scraps from my cardigan. Once that is gone I'll have to break into the remaining mini skeins. One looming concern is the main color yarn.... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (3)

I got a reasonable chunk of work done on this project over the past couple days. I'm still maybe 50 rows away from the midpoint, but I'm getting there. The leftovers from my Countdown Cardi are almost used up now. I have one more partial mini left to go, and then I'll need to cake... Continue Reading →

Green Static Socks progress (5)

In the interest of full transparency, here is my weekly update on my socks. As you can see, there's not a lot of new progress here. Sometimes a project just doesn't get as much love, and that's ok. My office day didn't leave me with a lot of knitting time, as usual, and I prefer... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress (2)

I can tell I'm getting close to the middle of the shawl because my progress looks less impressive. My motivation for this project is high, but the rows are getting longer and longer. One thing I haven't mentioned yet on this project is the slight modification I've made. The pattern calls for right leaning increases.... Continue Reading →

Fluorite Musselburgh started!

My Musselburgh hat is one of my most worn knits. Over the weekend I got the urge to cast on another one. The only complaint I have about my original Musselburgh is that I wish it was a little longer. I knit until I was completely out of yarn, so it is as big as... Continue Reading →

Funfetti progress

I made it to page 3 of 6 of the chart already. I'm still not quite to the halfway point of the shawl but I'm getting there. The intarsia is not so intimidating anymore, and things are going pretty quickly. I decided to fully embrace the scrappy nature of this project and add in the... Continue Reading →

Green Static Socks progress (4)

Here's another weekly update on these socks. As usual I just got a few rounds done while I was in the office one day. This week was particularly hectic so there wasn't much time to knit. I love my new house and the very short commute that I have now, but looking at these socks... Continue Reading →

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