Sock progress (6)

After working on crochet and knitting last night I'm back to just knitting tonight. I thought I might switch over to working on the snood for a while but the socks are so addictive!


Sock progress (5)

I worked on my sock while watching Gentleman Jack tonight. HBO knows just how to get to me (put a handsome smart lady in a top hat). I can tell I'm getting better with my knitting because I can actually look up at the TV some while I am working. Someday I'd like to be... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (4)

On days when I only get a row or two of knitting done I almost feel like I am letting you down, dear readers. I'm enjoying the process of knitting this sock so far but it's not very satisfying to post pretty pictures when you can barely see the progress I've made from day to... Continue Reading →

Sock progress (3)

I got a bunch of work done on this sock over the weekend. This pattern is really enjoyable, it's just complicated enough to be interesting without being painful. I hope I can keep up this pace, soon I'll have to figure out how the heck to make the heel.

Socks progress (2)

Hooray for sock progress! I've done a couple repeats of the pattern so you can actually see it now. It is looking good. I'm not sure how well it will fit but that's why this is a learning process. At least I can fit it over my foot so it is not too tiny.

Socks progress

I'm back to normal life which means I'm back to only having small bits of time to knit. Socks seem to be very compatible with that problem. It is very quick to pick it up and knit a row or two. It's definitely enjoyable so far, but I have a while to go before I... Continue Reading →

Starting socks

This is it. I finally got brave enough to start knitting a pair of socks. I have no idea how they might turn out but I'm happy I am confident enough to try. I looked back through some old posts and it was just about a year ago that I was starting to knit a... Continue Reading →

Hat finished!

Hooray! I actually finished it a couple days ago, but was busy traveling to visit with friends so you had to wait to see it. I am generally happy with it, but I wish I had used a less busy yarn so the cables would stand out more. They were a lot of work and... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (17)

In truth the hat is actually "finished" today, in that I don't have any more knitting to do. However it is still missing a pom-pom so I can't quite call it done. Still, I'm relieved that all the hard work is over, and it is totally wearable even if I don't get around to adding... Continue Reading →

May 2019 Goals

Even though I didn't have that much more time for crafting in April I definitely feel like I got a lot more accomplished than in the past few months. Completed in April: My Dissertation! A fishy bag A skull bag Current WIPs: Giant red blanket (of doom) - crochet Gipsy Avenger - plastic model Grace's... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (16)

I'm inching closer and closer to the finish line. Today I did my last cable row and started decreasing. I hope it will go really fast now that there are fewer and fewer stitches with each row, and no annoying cables to slow everything down. I might actually get it done in time to use!

Hat progress (15)

I made a bunch of progress on this hat since the last time I posted about it. In fact there's only one or two more rows to go before I start decreasing to finish it up. If I hurry I might even be able to wear it before next winter. I'm heading north for a... Continue Reading →

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