Among the Trees progress (18)

I am feeling a bit better today, and have been inching my way farther along in this scarf. It is a few rows away from being too big to fit on the plastic lid I use for all my blog photos... At this point I am still a few repeats shy of halfway through. This... Continue Reading →


Among the Trees progress (17)

I have had a bad cold since this weekend and haven't done more than a couple of rows of knitting. You would think that something quiet and crafty would be good when you're feeling sick but I just can't concentrate enough to do all the counting and yarn overs and everything for the lace.

Among the Trees progress (16)

It is time to show off the back of my work again. The scarf looks much more three-dimensional from this side. It is odd but also very interesting looking. All of the nupps remind me of bubbles, especially in this pretty blue yarn.

Among the Trees progress (15)

I'm about two repeats past my lifeline now. I still really like the way it lets me see my progress more easily. I will probably put another one in after 20 repeats, or right before I leave for my trip, whichever comes first. I don't want to risk having issues with my needles at airport... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (14)

As quick and fun as those hat were to make, I'm happy that I can go back to focusing on this scarf. I was on a roll with it for a while, making lots of progress every day. Hopefully I can get back to that again because there's still a long way to go.

Among the Trees progress (13)

I got a very tiny amount of knitting done tonight. Normally I wouldn't post when I don't get much done, but today is the last day of Blaugust and I've actually managed a post every single day. I didn't want to break my streak. It has been hard to make time to get crafting done... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (12)

Made a little progress tonight. With the lifeline in there you can really see exactly how much I've added. It is definitely more satisfying to me when I can visualize my progress so clearly. The middle of a big project like this can get tedious when it is hard to see what you've done. Hopefully... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (11)

I chickened out and added a lifeline now that I'm about 10 repeats into the pattern. I feel relatively confident going back to fix simple stockinette stitch but not lace. Now if I mess up or drop a stitch at least I won't lose everything I've done up until now!

Among the Trees progress (10)

Every once in a while I like to show off the back of my work. I find it fascinating how different it can be sometimes. In this scarf the nupps really want to hang out on the back right now. I'm hoping once everything is blocked they'll stop hiding back there.

Among the Trees progress (8)

Driving back to my apartment after spending the weekend at home is the worst. I always end up missing my spouse and my kitties right away. At least my apartment is quiet and there's no cat trying to eat my knitting. I'm just under a quarter of the way through the pattern. My guess is... Continue Reading →

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