Socks progress

I'm back to normal life which means I'm back to only having small bits of time to knit. Socks seem to be very compatible with that problem. It is very quick to pick it up and knit a row or two. It's definitely enjoyable so far, but I have a while to go before I... Continue Reading →


Starting socks

This is it. I finally got brave enough to start knitting a pair of socks. I have no idea how they might turn out but I'm happy I am confident enough to try. I looked back through some old posts and it was just about a year ago that I was starting to knit a... Continue Reading →

Hat progress (5)

Well I figured out how to knit 1 below. But apparently there's a normal way and then an increase way? Anyway I had to undo and redo some work to make sure I had the right number of stitches. After all that I only got one tiny section of the first cable row started. It... Continue Reading →

Coffee cozy progress

I made a bit of progress on this today. I got out of the ribbing and into the stranded colorwork section. Sometimes I feel like I'm tackling projects that are always slightly more advanced than I'm actually capable of, but that's how you learn I guess. Plus it's hard to get bored this way!

Coffee cozy cast on

Well, after saying yesterday that I was going to stop casting on new projects until I finished something, of course I cast on a new project today. I'm making this coffee cozy as a gift. It's good practice for a sock too. I've never used knitting needles this tiny before and getting everything started was... Continue Reading →

Spouse slippers progress

Tonight I worked on this slipper a little bit. I had to learn how to change colors for the first time. I don't count the double knitting as changing colors since they both get cast on at the same time. Luckily changing colors in knitting is much less confusing than in crochet, so it was... Continue Reading →

Almost Lost Washcloth

After making a bunch of goals about finishing what I've started, of course today I cast on something entirely new. This is the "Almost Lost Washcloth". I got to learn two new techniques making this, yarn overs and short rows. It says something about how far I've come with my knitting that I made this... Continue Reading →

December 2018 Goals

I didn't finish much in November, but I made a lot of progress on a lot of different projects. I'm pleased overall, even if I didn't hit most of my goals for the month. Completed in November: A cool-looking hat A pizza from scratch Another pizza Current WIPs: Giant red blanket – crochet Gipsy Avenger... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (3)

Worked on this scarf a little bit more tonight. The fancy cables look a lot less fancy from the back side. I have this chronic problem where I get far enough into a project that it no longer feels like I'm learning something new, and then I suddenly want to stop and make something else.... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving scarf progress

I am back from my holiday travels. Between all the time in the car and some quiet time with family I got a lot of work done on this scarf. Now I've had lots of practice with cables and I think I actually enjoy them!

Scarf cast on

We're driving to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I thought I had a good car project ready to go with my crochet shawl, but I had to change plans. The spouse is allergic to wool, and to make sure he's not trapped in a car all day with a bunch of allergens, I had... Continue Reading →

Hat decreases started!

Ok ok, I know it's not the most exciting thing, but it is pretty exciting to me. I've only knitted a few items, and none of them had any increases or decreases. Sitting here at my computer with all of YouTube to teach me, I learned what ssk and k2tog mean. I'm slowly getting to... Continue Reading →

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