Ripple Lapghan

My recent introduction to tunisian crochet had me eager to try more. I actually started this a few weeks ago and have only been adding a row or two each time I pick it up. It will be a long term project this way, but it is letting me continue to practice this technique. I've... Continue Reading →

Tunisian Crochet Hot Pad

One of my big goals for this year was to learn a new creative skill. I'm not sure if Tunisian crochet counts since it is so similar to crochet and knitting, but I've enjoyed learning it either way. I've had a set of Tunisian crochet hooks for ages but haven't tried them out until now.... Continue Reading →

Velvet Cardigan finished!

I can't believe I finished an entire cardigan in under a week! This pattern was incredibly easy to follow and put together. It did give me an excuse to try one technique I've been meaning to get around to for a while: foundation crochet. I didn't use it for the start of the back body... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks progress (2)

I made a ton of progress on my socks today. It would have been even more, but I had to rip out my first attempt at the heel and start over. Hooray for learning new things! I've never done toe-up socks and I completely misjudged when to start the heel. I had to go back... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks started

I've been so excited to get started on this KAL. I have had my pattern (Stitch Surfer) picked out for a while and got my yarn all caked up over the weekend. Today I finally got to cast on. These are my first toe-up socks and my first attempt at intarsia in the round. As... Continue Reading →

Hoar Frost Socks progress

I made a little progress on my newest socks. I'm still getting the hang of the mock cable, so it has been fairly slow going. It is very fiddly and I'm constantly paranoid I'm going to drop stitches. At least I am back to doing two-at-a-time again. I really liked my Diversion socks but it... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette finished!

My Ripple Bralette is all done!! It fits great and I love it so much! I really like how it ended up showing off everything this yarn could do. It flashes around the bottom, pools through the whole body, gets very busy and variegated near the top, and then stripes on the shoulder straps. You... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress

I finally managed to get farther than I was before I frogged and restarted. I've done two full rounds of the short row wave pattern now. That means I'm finally starting to get the hang of knitting backwards. I wouldn't want to use it for big sections, but for these bits with 2 - 8... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks: regaining lost ground

After several days I've regained all the ground I lost when I restarted this weekend. It was painful but worth it, since this seems to fit much better than my first attempt. I'm grateful for my knitting friends on Twitter, who shared their similar stories of sock woe and made me feel better about the... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks started!

I wanted to make sure I got a new telework project ready for next week since I finished my dishcloth and coaster. I spent ages browsing around for patterns and finally settled on Diversion socks. We could all do with a diversion at the moment, right? When I grabbed part of my stash to bring... Continue Reading →

A Garden Experiment

This is a new adventure for me. The apartment I lived in last year was so tiny and dark that I barely kept one succulent alive. Now I have a big house with lots of light and I have the sudden urge to have all the plants.┬áThe house doesn't have much of a yard, but... Continue Reading →

Harmonize Shawl progress

The combination of yarn and needles continues to be a complete joy to work with. However, I can tell that this project is very quickly going to reach the point where I have no idea how to take a good photo of it. At least this first section is very simple and relaxing to knit.... Continue Reading →

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