Spoopy Socks progress

I spent most of my weekend knitting time working on these socks. As you can see, I have made it through the heel on the first sock and have started the heel on the second one. The pattern calls for a heel flap and gusset but I am substituting a shadow wrap heel. I've only... Continue Reading →

Spoopy Socks started

I got this gorgeous yarn in the mail on Monday and decided I could not wait even a minute to get it caked up and cast on. The weather is perfect for fall and this yarn is making me excited for Halloween! The yarn is Area 51 Fibres "Speckle or Spook" and the pattern is... Continue Reading →

Volcano Trail finished!

It's all done! I had some concerns about how the finishing and seaming were going to go, so I did things slightly out of order. I seamed the top collar first, which went fine but would have been too much sewing for me if I had done both collars and the back seam all at... Continue Reading →

DPN Socks finished!

I'm done and it is time to evaluate my feelings on DPNs. They seem perfectly functional, but for me the magic loop method is way more enjoyable. I spent way too much time poking myself with hanging needles, shifting from one needle to another, losing a needle, and worrying about my stitches sliding off. I... Continue Reading →

DPN Socks progress (2)

I'm nearly done with this pair of socks. I have about 10 rows left to go before the toe. The colors on these continue to make me smile every time I look at them. I did have an interesting exchange yesterday that made me think about how I feel about DPNs. It seems like most... Continue Reading →

DPN Socks progress

I'm getting into the groove with using DPNs now, but I'm still not really sold on them. Having finished one full sock, I can say that they never stopped annoying me, and it only got worse as I got to the decreases at the toe. I'm still pushing on with the second sock, and the... Continue Reading →

DPN Socks started

I decided to start some socks on DPNs (double-pointed needles) right away so I can meet my goal for the month. This is my first time ever using DPNs at all and there is definitely a learning curve. If you asked me right now, my opinion of them would not be very high, but I... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget Cardigan finished!

It is finally done! The button band went very quickly, and I was all excited to be nearly done. Then I realized how much finishing was left to do. Luckily I had woven in most of my ends as I went along, but I stopped and checked to make sure I have everything woven in... Continue Reading →

Shortbread Cookies

Baking cookies is not the traditional way to celebrate the 4th of July in the US, but it is absolutely how I spent mine this year. I've been wanting to try these since I discovered how simple the recipe is, and I was not disappointed. They turned out great and were way quieter than fireworks!

Strawberry Shorties!

Here's a sneaky project that came out of nowhere, even for me. I finally couldn't resist the urge to make a pair of socks to try out a shadow wrap heel. Then I combined that with some curiosity about whether I could get a complete pair of shorties out of two 20 g mini skeins.... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (9)

I spent a lot of time working on my Fluff Nugget cardigan this weekend. I finished all the panels for the body and got everything seamed up. I've also picked up the stitches for the first sleeve. The next step is learning how to do brioche in the round, since it is different from doing... Continue Reading →

Fluff Nugget progress (8)

I've finished with the main body of the cardigan and now have split for the sleeves. The right front section went really quickly, right up until I got near the top. Then I had to learn how to do german short rows in brioche. It wasn't super difficult, but it did take a couple attempts... Continue Reading →

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