Hoar Frost Socks progress

I made a little progress on my newest socks. I'm still getting the hang of the mock cable, so it has been fairly slow going. It is very fiddly and I'm constantly paranoid I'm going to drop stitches. At least I am back to doing two-at-a-time again. I really liked my Diversion socks but it... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette finished!

My Ripple Bralette is all done!! It fits great and I love it so much! I really like how it ended up showing off everything this yarn could do. It flashes around the bottom, pools through the whole body, gets very busy and variegated near the top, and then stripes on the shoulder straps. You... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks progress

I finally managed to get farther than I was before I frogged and restarted. I've done two full rounds of the short row wave pattern now. That means I'm finally starting to get the hang of knitting backwards. I wouldn't want to use it for big sections, but for these bits with 2 - 8... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks: regaining lost ground

After several days I've regained all the ground I lost when I restarted this weekend. It was painful but worth it, since this seems to fit much better than my first attempt. I'm grateful for my knitting friends on Twitter, who shared their similar stories of sock woe and made me feel better about the... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks started!

I wanted to make sure I got a new telework project ready for next week since I finished my dishcloth and coaster. I spent ages browsing around for patterns and finally settled on Diversion socks. We could all do with a diversion at the moment, right? When I grabbed part of my stash to bring... Continue Reading →

A Garden Experiment

This is a new adventure for me. The apartment I lived in last year was so tiny and dark that I barely kept one succulent alive. Now I have a big house with lots of light and I have the sudden urge to have all the plants.┬áThe house doesn't have much of a yard, but... Continue Reading →

Harmonize Shawl progress

The combination of yarn and needles continues to be a complete joy to work with. However, I can tell that this project is very quickly going to reach the point where I have no idea how to take a good photo of it. At least this first section is very simple and relaxing to knit.... Continue Reading →

Seamless Circular Cloth

I'm trying something new this week. Inspired by my struggles with kitchener stitch, I wanted to make some quick projects to either practice or learn new skills. That means I'll be making some more dishcloths. It will use up some of my leftover cotton, and also help me feel like I'm having some quick success... Continue Reading →

Diagon Alley Socks finished!

I did it! Those decrease rows went so fast that I didn't have any excuse not to try to finish everything up today. I also learned that I had definitely been doing Kitchener stitch wrong before. I learned this after finishing one sock, but oh well. At least one of these socks has a perfectly... Continue Reading →

January 2020 Goals

It's another new year! That feels like a good excuse to take stock of everything I accomplished last year and think about all the creative things I want to do in 2020! Completed in December: a Scrap Cowl The Child Current WIPs: Giant Red Blanket of Doom - crochet Irish Snood - crochet Diagon Alley... Continue Reading →

Diagon Ally Socks progress

Now that I've had some time with it I am starting to get the hang of the two-at-a-time method. I think I'm starting to like it. My main complaint is that having two cakes of yarn and two strands to keep straight makes the whole project less portable. The upside is that this feels way... Continue Reading →

Diagon Ally Socks restarted

I decided to restart my second pair of socks, partly because I wanted to use the yarn I bought in Seattle right away, and partly because I really wanted to learn how to knit two at a time. So far the whole TAAT thing feels like more trouble than it is worth. I keep getting... Continue Reading →

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