Unplugged Day

Today our local internet company was doing some work in our neighborhood which meant I had no internet all day. That in turn meant I had to take the day off of work. I thought I might spend the day relaxing and knitting, but instead I spent it cleaning and rearranging my office space. This... Continue Reading →

Day 85: A Poem

No picture today, but you do get another poem inspired by the tutorials on Seanan McGuire's Patreon! I am having so much fun with these. Abyssal My flesh sinks, my mind is freed (drifting ‘neath sargassum weed) Darkness comforts, deep I’ll drown (naked in a sea-foam gown) Architeuthis winks her eye (far from unforgiving sky)... Continue Reading →

Day 17: Poem

I have been watching Seanan McGuire's poetry project all month and love how so many of her poems are about monsters or fairy tales. I finally got inspired to write my own.

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