Replacement Placemat finished!

I tried to make this one as close to the original as possible, including the crochet border. The border was necessary on the first one because my knitting was messy and my edges looked weird in some places because it was the first thing I ever knit. I could have left this one without the... Continue Reading →

Replacement Placemat progress

This project is a bit bigger than a regular dishcloth, so it is taking a little longer. I will definitely be worth it when it is finished since it will be just the right size for my needs. I'm really enjoying this Dishie yarn. The colors are very pretty and it seems a bit softer... Continue Reading →

Replacement Placemat started

Back in 2018 when I was learning how to knit, the very first project I completed was this mat/mug rug. It is slightly larger than the rest of my dishcloths and I find it a very useful size. For the last few years it has lived on my desk, protecting the glass top from my... Continue Reading →

Day 363: Finished dishcloth/mug rug

I finished this up today! There was a bit more yarn leftover than I thought so I used it to make a quick crocheted border. It's nice because it helps hide some of the weird edges from my early mistakes. Just looking at this thing makes me so happy. I've officially gotten over my knit-phobia.... Continue Reading →

Day 362: Knitting practice

I am getting close to the end of this little ball of yarn now. I don't think there will be enough to make a proper square dishcloth but that's okay. Instead of using it as a dishcloth I think I will keep it on my desk. I can use it as a mug rug (mini-placemat)... Continue Reading →

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