Vacation Pictures!

I am back from my work and play in beautiful Hawaii. Tomorrow I'll show you my scarf progress, but for today I wanted to share some photos I took on my trip. I spent a week doing work stuff on Oahu, and then went to the big island to relax before coming home. Everything was... Continue Reading →

Bonus Bee

I haven't been posting much on the weekends due to my travel schedule, but I'm making an exception to share this photo. The spouse and I went to some museums yesterday and on the walk there we ran into these flowers and bumblebees. I was also excited to see some actual honeybees buzzing around as... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms

You just can't visit Washington DC in the springtime without stopping to see the cherry blossoms. It was a little early today but there are already a few trees blooming. I am hoping to get another chance to see them soon, hopefully even more trees will be in bloom by then.

I went for a nature walk

The spouse and I took the day today and went to a nearby national wildlife refuge. They had a few trails that went out to the water, and it was quite nice. We saw this horseshoe crab near the shore. I love these guys. They look like some sort of ancient sea monster.

Day 192: A Poem

This week's prompt was "And then there were none" so of course I had to write a poem about the passenger pigeon. Wouldn't you? And Then There Were None you eclipsed the sun an interminable stream of iridescent feathers your infinity made you finite a few hundred years of subtraction adds up the forest bleeds... Continue Reading →

Day 171: A Poem

Now that the holidays are over my writing group is back with our weekly prompts. This week's was "fun in the sun", to help us forget about the horrible cold and snow the East Coast has been dealing with.Fun in the Sun Photons rain on the meadow drip scatter bounce absorb, re-emit. The flowers sing... Continue Reading →

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