Starting socks

This is it. I finally got brave enough to start knitting a pair of socks. I have no idea how they might turn out but I'm happy I am confident enough to try. I looked back through some old posts and it was just about a year ago that I was starting to knit a... Continue Reading →


Fishy Bag

For reasons that nobody can explain, I decided to make this fish bag this weekend instead of working on my skulls bag. It's super cute and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet. It was a very quick and easy project though! (Pattern here if you want to try it... Continue Reading →

Market bag started

I knew I wanted to make a market bag, and ended up spending some time last night looking at patterns on Ravelry. One thing led to another and whoops! I've abandoned my hat for the night to work on something new. I think I really needed the break. I'm excited about this pattern, and I'm... Continue Reading →

Reverse mitered dishcloth

I decided to start on this while I'm waiting for the yarn I need to finish my scarf. I'm using up leftover bits of stash yarn. I'll keep growing it until I'm happy with the size or I run out of scraps.

Mini Almost Lost Washcloth

Did I really say I was going to stop casting on new things? Because I guess what I meant is that I'm just going to keep starting new projects randomly all the time like I always do. I had to work today, and then came home and had to do shopping and packing for my... Continue Reading →

Coffee cozy cast on

Well, after saying yesterday that I was going to stop casting on new projects until I finished something, of course I cast on a new project today. I'm making this coffee cozy as a gift. It's good practice for a sock too. I've never used knitting needles this tiny before and getting everything started was... Continue Reading →

What is a snood?

I had to look up the word snood because I had no clue what it was. Wikipedia tells me it is a type of hair covering, but the picture on this pattern looks like a scarf or cowl to me. Anyway my folks gave me this kit for xmas, including the yarn, hook, and pattern.... Continue Reading →

Almost Lost Washcloth

After making a bunch of goals about finishing what I've started, of course today I cast on something entirely new. This is the "Almost Lost Washcloth". I got to learn two new techniques making this, yarn overs and short rows. It says something about how far I've come with my knitting that I made this... Continue Reading →

Hat cast on

My parents just got back from a trip to Ireland, and they brought me back about 150g of this Irish wool. I decided to try to make a hat out of it. I'm already doing much better than my last attempt at knitting in the round. The pattern looks nice and is fairly simple, but... Continue Reading →

Fortune’s Shawlette started

A while ago one of my twitterfriends pointed me toward the pattern for Fortune's Shawlette and I squirreled it away for a rainy day. Well that day is today. Or last night actually, because I couldn't wait. I have this lovely hand-dyed sparkle yarn from my local yarn shop that's been crying out for my... Continue Reading →

Scratchy scarf cast on

After all my pouring over Ravelry trying to choose a pattern yesterday, I've abandoned all my plans. Tonight I decided to cast on a simple garter stitch scarf that I can just work mindlessly while I'm away. My fancy circulars are so nice to work with I got much more done than I meant to.... Continue Reading →

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