Two cast-ons

After finishing my Ripple Bralette over the holiday, I decided to cast on something else right away. I wanted to make sure I'd have something to keep me busy today during conference calls. The yarn I'm using for this dishcloth is reclaimed from a frogged project. Several years ago when I was re-learning crochet I... Continue Reading →

Ripple Bralette started

I've seen a few folks knitting bralettes lately and it intrigued me. I had some rainbow yarn caked up for another pair of socks and decided to cast on a Ripple Bralette instead. It looked fairly simple and I like the look of the design. So far I think this project might be cursed. I... Continue Reading →

Plastic Slopes Hat started

Way back in 2018 I made a hat from some yarn my folks brought back from their trip to Ireland. I had a lot of yarn leftover from that project and have always meant to make another hat with it. I weighed the yarn and it should be enough. I'm curious how differently this one... Continue Reading →

Diversion Socks started!

I wanted to make sure I got a new telework project ready for next week since I finished my dishcloth and coaster. I spent ages browsing around for patterns and finally settled on Diversion socks. We could all do with a diversion at the moment, right? When I grabbed part of my stash to bring... Continue Reading →

Biohazard Coaster

I made this coaster in a day. We jokingly dubbed these the "biohazard" dishcloths due to the quarantine and to the shocking warning colors. I still have a bit of this yarn left but I'll save it for now and move onto something different for my telework project for next week. When I entered this... Continue Reading →

Another Circular Dishcloth started

#Blapril2020 I made one of these back in January and liked it a lot. Unfortunately I left it back at the other house. Fortunately that gives me an excuse to start this easy telework project. It took some time to get started because I had to re-learn the crochet cast-on. I'm trying this one without... Continue Reading →

More Telework Socks

Welp. I said I wasn't going to start more socks so I had more time to work on my shawl, but I lied. I started the third variation of the Super Easy Socks pattern. These socks are too easy and addictive, and it feels so great to burn through multiple skeins of stash yarn. They... Continue Reading →

Telework Socks started

It's day 4 of all telework, all the time. At this rate I'm going to burn through a large amount of my stash before I get to actually set foot back at work. I started a second pair of Super Easy Socks to use up another skein of this stash yarn. Since the pattern has... Continue Reading →

A Garden Experiment

This is a new adventure for me. The apartment I lived in last year was so tiny and dark that I barely kept one succulent alive. Now I have a big house with lots of light and I have the sudden urge to have all the plants.┬áThe house doesn't have much of a yard, but... Continue Reading →

Bus Socks started

I cast these on over the weekend because I wanted them to be ready to go once my hat was done. I'm not quite brave enough to try fingering weight socks on the bus yet, so these are some simple worsted ones. I figure I can wear them around the house to keep my feet... Continue Reading →

Bus Hat #2

I couldn't stand the thought of not having bus knitting so I started another hat right away. I will need to find someone I like a lot to give this extra hat to. I love this yarn so much but I don't actually need two identical hats...

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