Napatree Tee started

Once my socks were done, I had a craving for another simple project. This bottom-up cotton tee will fit the bill since it will be miles of stockinette once I get past the hem section. I ordered this yarn earlier this year and intended to use it for my Pride month project. Since this is... Continue Reading →

Caramel Socks started

I needed an easy project to work on when I don't have the bandwidth to deal with my shawl. Socks are always my go-to for easy knitting. DK socks are even better since they work up so quickly. I really love this yarn and colorway, and I think the finished socks are going to be... Continue Reading →

Entrelac Practice started

Learning entrelac is on my big goals list for this year. I spent a lot of time looking at patterns and couldn't figure out a good place to start. Luckily a kind reader pointed me toward this pattern that has a basic entrelac blanket square. I decided to make it to learn the technique, and... Continue Reading →

Magical Shorties started

I wanted to make another pair of shortie socks this month, so I decided to get them started over the weekend. For something different, I am making them toe-up instead of top-down. It's not usually my preferred method, but since I'm trying to make this using only 2 mini skeins, I thought it would work... Continue Reading →

Granny Blanket started

I began this project over the weekend after several false starts. I really wanted to make another crochet blanket to use up my acrylic stash, but couldn't decide on a pattern. Finally I settled on the humble granny stitch because it is relaxing and mindless. My goal with this blanket is to use up some... Continue Reading →

Witchling Sweater started!

I am jumping right into my colorwork sweater now that my gauge swatch is done. I chose the Witchling pattern (Rav link) because it is incredibly pretty without being an overwhelming amount of colorwork. This project is a very sentimental one for me, but I will share that story once I am a little further... Continue Reading →

Fast Hat started

Since I had plenty of yarn leftover from my "It's That Fast" cowl, I decided to start on a matching hat right away. I'm making up the pattern as I go, based on the stitch pattern from the cowl. Hopefully it will fit ok when it is done. I started with a 3x3 folded brim,... Continue Reading →

Hippogriff Shorties started

I started on this pair of shorty socks this weekend. They are using some of my yarn advent minis, the prettiest of which is called "Hippogriff" so that's what I'm naming this project. Based on the other shorties I've made, I probably will need a third color to finish these off, but that's ok. I... Continue Reading →

Simple Cowl started

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday. I finished weaving in all of the ends on my Hex Blanket but didn't have time to take a photo and post it. Now that such a huge project is behind me I have more mental space to think about new things. I decided to make my first... Continue Reading →

Xmas Shorties started

I decided I wanted a pair of xmas shorty socks to wear around the house over the holidays. I cast these on a few days ago and am already almost done. There's just a few more stripes to go on the foot before I start the toes. I love how quickly shorties knit up. These... Continue Reading →

Transverse started

I knew I wanted to make a sweater with my Dark Crystal Halloween advent from Dragon Hoard Yarn, and this weekend I finally cast it on. I decided to try making the Transverse sweater because it is basically a simple top-down raglan but it has a few details that make it look more finished. That... Continue Reading →

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