Bat Dishcloth started!

I liked my cat dishcloth so much I decided to make a spooky bat to go with it. Well, right now it is just a bat butt. Crochet goes so much faster than knitting for me, so I expect this one to be done in no time!


Spooky Dishcloth

It's the spooky season and I decided I needed to make something that was quick and fun to celebrate. Sadly black yarn doesn't photograph so well. Hopefully I can figure out a way to show this project off somehow. It's going to be cute!

Second sun hat started

I decided the green of my first hat was too much for me. I like this color scheme much better, especially the stripes instead of the variegated yarn in the middle.

Sun Hat started

One of my goals this month is to crochet something. Since I'm going to the beach soon I figured I would try to make myself a cute sun hat. I actually started this over the weekend, but it wasn't much to look at yet. Now it actually looks like it might be a hat. I... Continue Reading →

Lace scarf cast on!

I got a little excited about my beautiful blue yarn from Incyanity, and actually cast on a few days ago even though I was still working on my socks. I settled on a pattern called Among the Trees. Now that the socks are finished I can turn my full attention to this. It is my... Continue Reading →

Leftover Coaster

I wanted to use the last scraps of leftover yarn to get them out of my stash, so I made this. It's the mini version of the dishcloth. I accidentally made one too many repeats, but it turned out ok anyway. It has character, and it will be a perfectly fine coaster. Now that I... Continue Reading →

Weekend dishcloth

I didn't work on my socks this weekend at all. Instead I started yet another one of these dishcloths. I really like this pattern, and this size cloth is perfect for using as a hot pad under my dinner plate. I've been using my old ones almost every day and I finally got tired of... Continue Reading →

Pride stuff (4)

Here's the second Pride project I started last night. It is a pattern called Lizard. It feels a little stiff in cotton, but on the plus side it does hold its shape really well which makes the pattern stand out. (Thanks for the suggestion @angiwyn)

Starting socks

This is it. I finally got brave enough to start knitting a pair of socks. I have no idea how they might turn out but I'm happy I am confident enough to try. I looked back through some old posts and it was just about a year ago that I was starting to knit a... Continue Reading →

Fishy Bag

For reasons that nobody can explain, I decided to make this fish bag this weekend instead of working on my skulls bag. It's super cute and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet. It was a very quick and easy project though! (Pattern here if you want to try it... Continue Reading →

Market bag started

I knew I wanted to make a market bag, and ended up spending some time last night looking at patterns on Ravelry. One thing led to another and whoops! I've abandoned my hat for the night to work on something new. I think I really needed the break. I'm excited about this pattern, and I'm... Continue Reading →

Reverse mitered dishcloth

I decided to start on this while I'm waiting for the yarn I need to finish my scarf. I'm using up leftover bits of stash yarn. I'll keep growing it until I'm happy with the size or I run out of scraps.

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