Late Summer Garden Update

There's some good and some bad to share. First the good. My tomato plants are thriving and producing tons of adorable baby tomatoes. Even better, the weather has cooled off enough that they are actually starting to ripen on the vine. I'm so eager to finally try them! The plants are now so big that... Continue Reading →

Garden Experiment update

It has been a few weeks since I gave a garden update. This photo was taken just before the tropical storm rolled through my area. The plants all got moved to safer locations and seem to be recovering just fine. The squash plant has been producing really well. We're at the point where we have... Continue Reading →

Garden Experiment progress

When last we left the garden experiment, I had just restarted from scratch after losing all my seedlings at the other house. Luckily everything has been growing very well since then and I'm just about ready to get some veggies! The tomatoes are still a bit small but there are a few flowers just starting... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks progress (10)

Work has been very active lately, which means less conference call knitting time. I've still been making relatively steady progress, and am about halfway through the leg now. I've also been doing some more gardening experiments. Well, to be honest, I've been restarting my gardening experiment. Back before everything went on lockdown, I started a... Continue Reading →

A Garden Experiment

This is a new adventure for me. The apartment I lived in last year was so tiny and dark that I barely kept one succulent alive. Now I have a big house with lots of light and I have the sudden urge to have all the plants.┬áThe house doesn't have much of a yard, but... Continue Reading →

Vacation Pictures!

I am back from my work and play in beautiful Hawaii. Tomorrow I'll show you my scarf progress, but for today I wanted to share some photos I took on my trip. I spent a week doing work stuff on Oahu, and then went to the big island to relax before coming home. Everything was... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms

You just can't visit Washington DC in the springtime without stopping to see the cherry blossoms. It was a little early today but there are already a few trees blooming. I am hoping to get another chance to see them soon, hopefully even more trees will be in bloom by then.

Holiday spirit?

I did a little knitting tonight, but the thing I really want to share with you is our xmas tree. This is the busiest, most stressful xmas season I've had in as long as I can remember. Between finishing my degree, starting a new job, and moving, there's just not a lot of mental or... Continue Reading →

Gift progress (12)

No progress picture today because I made less than a row of progress. Instead you can enjoy this photo of the tiny snake plant I got this weekend. Plants make me happy even though I'm usually pretty bad at taking care of them. This bitty baby is only a few inches high and I thought... Continue Reading →

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