Day 220: A Poem

This day is its own poem slow to start and making do grabbing the first coffee-laden thought that drifts by and squish press shaping it to fit where it is needed finally moving forward rolling and tumbling dragged behind the roiling swarm of things someone else thinks are important until the offering of hours is... Continue Reading →

Day 212: A Poem

I've stopped slacking and hopped back into my writing group! The prompt for this week was about pick-up lines. Actually the prompt was somewhat complicated but I wanted to condense my entry into a short poem. My First Pickup Line Did it hurt… I started and it did searing eyes slicing charred and bleeding I... Continue Reading →

Day 192: A Poem

This week's prompt was "And then there were none" so of course I had to write a poem about the passenger pigeon. Wouldn't you? And Then There Were None you eclipsed the sun an interminable stream of iridescent feathers your infinity made you finite a few hundred years of subtraction adds up the forest bleeds... Continue Reading →

Day 185: A Poem

This week's writing prompt was "my happy place." For me the first thing that came to mind was my honeymoon. Here's my poem about it.My Happy Place cool evening breezes tiny lizard feet paper umbrellas orchid-scented everything turtle breakfast companions teeming technicolor reefs so many waterfalls and a bird's-eye-view just this side of nauseous That... Continue Reading →

Day 180: A Poem

I'm a bit late getting to my writing group's prompt for this week but better late than never! This week's topic was "finding forgotten joy." The Plural of Starfish is Starfish I carved it away that other me I remember the agony and the bleeding raw edges but I am a starfish and I am... Continue Reading →

Day 171: A Poem

Now that the holidays are over my writing group is back with our weekly prompts. This week's was "fun in the sun", to help us forget about the horrible cold and snow the East Coast has been dealing with.Fun in the Sun Photons rain on the meadow drip scatter bounce absorb, re-emit. The flowers sing... Continue Reading →

Day 151: A Poem

I missed last week's writing prompt and felt bad about it. I wanted to be sure I didn't skip another one. This week's theme is: "The year is 2050. Disney owns everything in the world, including you." That's a hard thing to write a poem about, but luckily once I got the first image in... Continue Reading →

Day 137: A Poem

Time again for a poem inspired by my writing group's weekly prompt. This week our inspiration is "my own body." sculpt me from stone so I can not change I will age slow as dinosaur bones and never break cast me in iron make me magnetic invisible fingers pushing everyone away carve me from soap... Continue Reading →

Day 130: A Poem

This week's prompt from my writing group was "Oh don't worry about them, they'll never tell." I combined this with another of Seanan McGuire's poetry tutorials to get this very weird poem about a parasite. Toxoplasma when you yearn to break the spell - the doom etched into each cell of your body, you expel... Continue Reading →

Day 123: A Poem

My friends decided to come up with a writing prompt and give ourselves a week to put some words down and report back. The prompt was "a pixie finds itself lost in a modern-day city." I decided to write a poem. Firefly She danced with her sisters out under the stars spin once spin twice... Continue Reading →

Day 85: A Poem

No picture today, but you do get another poem inspired by the tutorials on Seanan McGuire's Patreon! I am having so much fun with these. Abyssal My flesh sinks, my mind is freed (drifting ‘neath sargassum weed) Darkness comforts, deep I’ll drown (naked in a sea-foam gown) Architeuthis winks her eye (far from unforgiving sky)... Continue Reading →

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