Tiny Agender Pride Kitty

I got a batch of fingering weight cotton yarn over the holidays and realized I had the perfect colors to make something with the agender pride flag. I finally decided on this tiny kitty. It is absolutely one of the tiniest amigurumi projects I've ever done, at only about 2.5 inches tall. This project took... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks finished!!

They're done! This is by far the fastest I've ever completed a pair of socks. It's absolutely amazing to me that it only took a week. Plus, I completely love the way they turned out. They're a little bit tight due to the slip stitch pattern, but the final effect is so cool. The pattern... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Connection Socks progress

I've been zooming through this pair of rainbow socks. The heels and gussets are already done and I'm partway through the foot. If I can get them finished by tomorrow it will be the first time I've ever knit a pair of socks in one week. Even if I don't get them done that quickly,... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks finished!

They're done! I actually finished these up late yesterday. I'm so in love with the way they turned out. This is definitely my favorite of the Blue Brick sock club colorways so far. The gradient is beautiful and it worked up really well with the Hermione's Everyday Socks pattern. It was fun looking back and... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks progress (3)

I got plenty of progress on these again today. Both heels are now done and I am into the gusset. I'm having some trouble getting my camera to pick up the true colors of this yarn. The photo makes it look like I'm already into the blue but it is still very purple in fact.... Continue Reading →

Bi Pride Socks progress (2)

I've made quite a lot of progress on these socks since the last time I showed them. I finished the heel flaps and one heel turn. You can see that once again the gradient is off by almost an inch between the two socks. I realized with the other gradient pair that I really didn't... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks finished!

I LOVE these socks! These are definitely high on the list of my favorite projects. The combination of the rainbows and the fun pattern are completely irresistible. I've also really enjoyed being part of this KAL. Seeing everyone's rainbow socks constantly brightens my day. It has been a little hard this year with so many... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks progress (12)

I'm so excited to be nearly finished with these socks! I had a few false starts with them but they have turned out far better than I dared hope. There's just a few more rows of rib to do before I bind off. With a little luck I'll get that done later tonight or early... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks progress (11)

Getting close now! I ended up doing a lot of knitting after I posted last night while talking to a friend on voice chat. It was a lovely way to spend an evening and I think I really needed it. Now I only have two more rows before I start the ribbing on this sock.... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks progress (10)

Work has been very active lately, which means less conference call knitting time. I've still been making relatively steady progress, and am about halfway through the leg now. I've also been doing some more gardening experiments. Well, to be honest, I've been restarting my gardening experiment. Back before everything went on lockdown, I started a... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks progress (9)

I accomplished exactly what I set out to do over the weekend. I got through the heel and onto the leg. This project is on track to be done this week. I've been itching to get back to my Hoar Frost socks to get them done too. My next pair of socks might be plain... Continue Reading →

Pride KAL Socks progress (8)

Happy Friday! My second sock is moving right along. I expect that I should get the heel and some of the leg finished over the weekend. I'm not going to push myself to finish in a hurry since there's still over a week left in June. I've definitely been experiencing some work burnout lately and... Continue Reading →

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