Gingerbread House Stitch Marker

After seeing how cute the stitch markers from The Corner of Craft were in person, I decided to try my hand at making one myself. She has a nice tutorial video on her YouTube channel that explains how. I'm pretty proud with how this one turned out, even if it took me several hours of... Continue Reading →

Maybe not a scratchy scarf?

As much as I complained about it, I can't quite bring myself to completely scrap this thing. I think I have another use for it that doesn't involve knitting an entire scarf. Unfortunately it does need to be at least a little bit longer before I can try out my idea, so I have a... Continue Reading →

Day 326: No-slip slippers

Since these are going to someone just home from the hospital, I wanted to make sure they would be stable on slippery floors. I added some bits of silicone caulk to the bottoms so they get good traction even in the kitchen.

Day 96: It Fixes Anything

I was trying to figure out how to create the liner for this bag when I finally realized that there's almost no crafty problem that tacky glue won't solve. I glued the seams today and once everything is dry I'll sew the top to the bag. I want to make sure it's secure but also... Continue Reading →

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