Finished Rug!

I actually managed to finish it tonight! There was a little yarn left over,  since I wanted to keep the two gray sections the same size. I am so happy with this little project. Now I have to decide what to use the other 3 skeins on!

Rug progress (7)

I got so much done! It looks like it should be finished but in fact it still has a few rows left to go. It looks so nice laying next to my bed, and it is going to be exactly the right size. It might have been cheaper or easier to just buy a rug,... Continue Reading →

Rug progress (6)

This thing is just flying off my hook! I'm on the third and final ball of yarn now. I might even finish it by this weekend if I have time to keep working on it all week.

Rug progress (5)

The rest of my week is probably going to be quite busy, so I made sure to spend some time tonight to work on this rug. I love working with this chunky yarn and watching my project grow by leaps and bounds every day.

Rug progress (4)

I'm back at my apartment today, and back at work on this crochet rug. It is big enough now that I'm thinking of leaving it on the floor when I'm not working on it, so I can start using it right away. We're supposed to get some wintry weather tomorrow, and it would be nice... Continue Reading →

Rug progress (3)

I decided since it will take three skeins to finish this, I would switch up the colors for the middle section. It's hard to see in this photo but the yarn has a little bit of a brown mixed in. I'm so pleased with how this is coming along!

Rug progress (2)

I finished as much as I could with one skein of yarn. It's about 19 rows, or 16 inches long. Based on my needs I think I can finish this rug with 3 skeins. Then I can use the other 3 for another small project or a matching rug for the other side of the... Continue Reading →

Rug progress

Working with super bulky yarn is a great way to make a ton of progress in a hurry. The rug looks a little odd in the photo, like recycled paperboard or something. I picked this color because I wanted something neutral, and in person it's squish-ably soft. I'm using Bernat Blanket Tweeds for this project.... Continue Reading →

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