Snow Country Scarf 2 finished!

This scarf went even faster than the first one! Even with the adjustment I made to try to conserve yarn, I had to stop one row short of what the pattern calls for in width. On the plus side, I used up the entire skein of gold yarn. I also had enough of the yellow... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf 2 started!

Ok so maybe yellow snow isn't the most appealing mental image, but this scarf pattern was so nice I couldn't help but use it again. I started this over the weekend and spent a lot of my down time working on it. This is more of the yarn that came from my mom's stash. I... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf finished!

It's finished! I am really happy with this finished scarf. There was just barely enough black yarn in my stash to add 2 rows of single crochet to the ends. Once I finished with those I decided not to do the crab stitch border. If there had been enough of the black left I think... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf progress

I always love how quickly crochet projects go compared to knitting. Usually I prefer the look of knitted items, but it is really hard to argue with a long, complicated scarf that works up in just a few days. Sometimes I have a hard time getting motivated to work on crochet projects, but this one... Continue Reading →

Snow Country Scarf started!

I know I just said that I was going to try to wait to start anything new until I got closer to finishing my sweater, but I couldn't resist the inspiration to start this scarf. Plus, starting a crochet project was one of my goals for this month, so this is really a good thing,... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (33)

Almost there! I'm officially on the last pattern repeat, and it looks like I should have plenty of yarn. There's still quite a few finishing rows to do after this repeat, but they have little to no lace so they should go fast. Hopefully I can get it done this weekend!

Among the Trees (32)

Inch inch inch. I'm getting closer, and the closer I get the more impatient I get. I didn't have much time to work tonight so I'm annoyed at myself for it. Have to keep reminding myself that any progress is still good! This will be done before I know it and then I'll be sad... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (31)

I had a very easy evening and got a lot of knitting done. I'm officially on pattern repeat 36 out of 37! It is close enough to the end that I am eyeing the remaining yarn and telling it kindly but firmly that it must last to the end of the project. No yarn chicken... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (30)

Here is the scarf all rolled up. It is approaching a respectable scarf length of 45 inches. I really can't wait to finish so I can see how good it looks once it is blocked!

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