Scarf progress (9)

I had a great day today, having lunch with a friend and then going out to the movies. When I got home I worked a few rows of my scarf. I plan to keep doing a little bit of knitting or crochet every day over the holiday break, but depending on my travel plans I... Continue Reading →


Scarf progress (8)

One of the biggest problems with doing most of my knitting at night is that I always have terrible light for taking my progress photos. Maybe this weekend I'll try to get a shot of this scarf with some natural light to do justice to the pretty colors. I took a measuring tape to it... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (7)

Tonight I spent a little time knitting while watching Harry Potter. I got a bonus cat on my lap the whole time I was working too. It was a nice relaxing end to my weekend.

Scarf progress (6)

I didn't have nearly enough time for knitting today. I only got a couple rows done on my scarf, and I never did get my shaweltte blocked. On the plus side, it did help me de-stress after all the planning for my meeting in DC tomorrow.

Scarf progress (5)

The scarf is coming along nicely. If I keep up this pace it might actually get done in time for xmas. Not that I want to part with it. I don't wear shawls, but I do love scarves, and I really like this one. So this was extra funny tonight. In the 30 seconds I... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress (3)

Worked on this scarf a little bit more tonight. The fancy cables look a lot less fancy from the back side. I have this chronic problem where I get far enough into a project that it no longer feels like I'm learning something new, and then I suddenly want to stop and make something else.... Continue Reading →

Scarf progress

It looks a lot less fancy up close where you can see how uneven my tension is. It's still one of the prettiest things I've made so far. I'm back to making tiny incremental progress since I don't have as much uninterrupted knitting time, but I'd rather be able to knit with a cat on... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving scarf progress

I am back from my holiday travels. Between all the time in the car and some quiet time with family I got a lot of work done on this scarf. Now I've had lots of practice with cables and I think I actually enjoy them!

Scarf cast on

We're driving to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I thought I had a good car project ready to go with my crochet shawl, but I had to change plans. The spouse is allergic to wool, and to make sure he's not trapped in a car all day with a bunch of allergens, I had... Continue Reading →

Maybe not a scratchy scarf?

As much as I complained about it, I can't quite bring myself to completely scrap this thing. I think I have another use for it that doesn't involve knitting an entire scarf. Unfortunately it does need to be at least a little bit longer before I can try out my idea, so I have a... Continue Reading →

Scratchy Scarf progress

I worked on my scratchy scarf a bit more today in-between packing for my trip. When I've been working on my double knit project I feel like I'm terribly slow, so it is fun to see the rows flying along when I'm doing simple garter stitch. I'll be out of town by the time you... Continue Reading →

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