Among the Trees (26)

Progress! It seems like at best I can get one pattern repeat done in an evening. That means I still have quite a few nights left to go before this is finished. Good thing it is beautiful and the pattern is still interesting enough to keep me engaged.


Among the Trees (25)

Taking a break for a few days to make my black cat dishcloth was exactly what I needed. I came back to this project refreshed. I really do enjoy the lace quite a bit. I think I might try to incorporate lace in whatever my next big project is too. Speaking of next projects, I've... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (24)

Tonight I finished up the 20th pattern repeat and put in another lifeline. It's a bit harder to see than the last one since I used gray yarn. I probably should be adding them a little more often since it gives me so much peace of mind. I feel relatively confident I could fix a... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (23)

I've been thinking a lot about how this is the second scarf I have worked on this year, and how both of them had a complicated element to learn. Mostly I've been thinking about this while fiddling with lace or grabbing my crochet hook for the next row with nupps. I think I enjoy knitting... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (21)

I'm officially halfway done! Although according to my measuring tape it is a little shorter than I would have hoped. I suppose it will stretch out quite a bit once I block it to show off the lace anyway.

Among the Trees progress (20)

You can see much more clearly in this photo how far I've come since I put in my lifeline. It's probably about time for another one. I am fully into the painful middle part of this scarf, where I'm constantly measuring and counting rows to see when I pass the midway mark. My plan is... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (19)

While I was away I got a little work done on my scarf. I mostly worked on it on the plane, since knitting in 85-90 degree heat isn't that fun. I was hoping to get more finished but I'm still happy with where I am. It's a little under halfway done now.

Among the Trees progress (17)

I have had a bad cold since this weekend and haven't done more than a couple of rows of knitting. You would think that something quiet and crafty would be good when you're feeling sick but I just can't concentrate enough to do all the counting and yarn overs and everything for the lace.

Among the Trees progress (16)

It is time to show off the back of my work again. The scarf looks much more three-dimensional from this side. It is odd but also very interesting looking. All of the nupps remind me of bubbles, especially in this pretty blue yarn.

Among the Trees progress (15)

I'm about two repeats past my lifeline now. I still really like the way it lets me see my progress more easily. I will probably put another one in after 20 repeats, or right before I leave for my trip, whichever comes first. I don't want to risk having issues with my needles at airport... Continue Reading →

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