Among the Trees finished and blocked!

I finally blocked it over the weekend and now I get to show off the finished project! It is so magical to me how much of a difference blocking makes. With the lace all opened up you can really see the beautiful leaf pattern very clearly. I am so in love with this scarf, I... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (mostly) finished!

I did it! It looks so amazing and I'm so very happy with it!! There was just a tiny ball of yarn left when I finished, definitely not enough for another full pattern repeat. It is so satisfying when a project works out that way. I still need to block it, but sadly that will... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (33)

Almost there! I'm officially on the last pattern repeat, and it looks like I should have plenty of yarn. There's still quite a few finishing rows to do after this repeat, but they have little to no lace so they should go fast. Hopefully I can get it done this weekend!

Among the Trees (32)

Inch inch inch. I'm getting closer, and the closer I get the more impatient I get. I didn't have much time to work tonight so I'm annoyed at myself for it. Have to keep reminding myself that any progress is still good! This will be done before I know it and then I'll be sad... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (31)

I had a very easy evening and got a lot of knitting done. I'm officially on pattern repeat 36 out of 37! It is close enough to the end that I am eyeing the remaining yarn and telling it kindly but firmly that it must last to the end of the project. No yarn chicken... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (30)

Here is the scarf all rolled up. It is approaching a respectable scarf length of 45 inches. I really can't wait to finish so I can see how good it looks once it is blocked!

Among the Trees (29)

I got a lot more knitting done on this trip than I did on my trip to Hawaii. In fact I finished almost 6 pattern repeats while I was away. It was a combination of not having my spouse to talk to on the plane and having some down time in the afternoons between my... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (28)

You can tell I'm getting far along on this scarf because it is getting harder and harder to photograph the whole thing at once. It is long enough to feel like a real scarf now, although it still won't leave enough of a tail when I wrap it around my neck. I have an extremely... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (27)

Okay, my brief sock crisis has passed and I'm back to the scarf. For now. I prefer working on this project. The yarn is so much nicer and the lace is more fun. I just dislike how fiddly the nupps are, and the fact that I need to carry around a crochet hook in addition... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees (26)

Progress! It seems like at best I can get one pattern repeat done in an evening. That means I still have quite a few nights left to go before this is finished. Good thing it is beautiful and the pattern is still interesting enough to keep me engaged.

Among the Trees (25)

Taking a break for a few days to make my black cat dishcloth was exactly what I needed. I came back to this project refreshed. I really do enjoy the lace quite a bit. I think I might try to incorporate lace in whatever my next big project is too. Speaking of next projects, I've... Continue Reading →

Among the Trees progress (24)

Tonight I finished up the 20th pattern repeat and put in another lifeline. It's a bit harder to see than the last one since I used gray yarn. I probably should be adding them a little more often since it gives me so much peace of mind. I feel relatively confident I could fix a... Continue Reading →

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