Finally some Jaeger progress

I finally made some time to work on this model kit again. It's much nicer to do this on the weekend when I can work during the day. The natural light lets me actually see what I am doing. I probably would have made more progress but I got distracted partway through. I realized there... Continue Reading →


Day 354: Starting a Jaeger

I'm starting on another plastic model kit, and got a torso done. This will eventually be a Jaeger from Pacific Rim: Uprising. If you've never seen the Pacific Rim Movies, a Jaeger is a giant robot piloted by 2 or 3 people inside that fights giant monsters. Also you should go watch Pacific Rim, it... Continue Reading →

Day 344: Captain Phasma

Well this is a big departure from what I have been doing lately. I have been having some pain during crochet time lately and it turns out I have a case of "crochet elbow". That's like tennis elbow except it comes from spending too much time swearing at yarn instead of swearing at tennis balls... Continue Reading →

Day 158: A Porg!

I finished my porg today! Isn't it the most horrible, adorable thing you've ever seen? I love it! The pattern was purchased from MsPremiseConclusion on Etsy.

Day 157: Porg Feet

I finished the porg's feet, so all the individual porg bits are done. I pinned the face and sewed on the upper lip and chin. Sewing is one of the least fun parts of amigurumi but with a little determination I'll be finished this guy tomorrow. The cats sure think porgs might make a delicious... Continue Reading →

Day 156: Porg Parts

I finished the body the other day. Now it's stuffed and I have made all the small parts except the feet. Hopefully I can finish those tomorrow and then it's just a matter of sewing everything together to finish my porg.

Day 47: More details

I made a few of the various lights and boxes that will need to be sewn on. Hopefully I can get everything to fit properly since I resized the hat a little bit.

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