Wingspan progress (6)

Here's a peek at the progress I made on my wings this weekend. It wasn't much, but at least I did still work on it a little. It takes so much concentration I still have to work on it in small doses. With this I have met my goal of working on it every week... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (5)

I've had so many new things to talk about this week that I'm just now getting around to sharing the shawl progress I made over the weekend. It is a bit hard to talk about progress on this piece very clearly because each row has several associated short rows to complicate things. The center of... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (4)

I find it a bit mind boggling that this project is almost a year old at this point and I've barely posted a handful of times about it. Although I guess it makes sense considering how slow this knitting is going. The red lifeline you can see here marks where I stopped at my last... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (3)

I worked on my wings some over the weekend. Although it doesn't look like much, it was a substantial investment of time. The transition section between the sets of feathers involves a lot of cabling and the pattern is not necessarily the same for each feather. That meant a lot of double checking the pattern... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress (2)

I can't believe I haven't posted any updates on my Wingspan since October. I have added rows here and there but have not dedicated a lot of time to it consistently. Since it was one of my goals for the month, I worked on it a bit on Sunday. It really is a gorgeous pattern... Continue Reading →

Oceans of Love Wrap finished

The spouse and I sat down looking for a movie to watch. After scrolling through all the Hallmark xmas movies and laughing at their descriptions, we finally settled on a non-holiday movie: Stardust. I spent the whole movie crocheting and by the end I had finished this shawl. It's not huge, mostly because I had... Continue Reading →

Oceans of Love Wrap started

I bought this yarn from Knit Picks during their sale and it only just arrived yesterday. I am a little disappointed because I was hoping to get this project done in time to gift this to my MIL for xmas. Since we're not getting together in person all of the gifts have already been boxed... Continue Reading →

Wingspan progress

I finally stopped delaying and started knitting on this shawl again. I had barely touched it since I started back in July! In these photos you can see where I was on Friday, and the progress I've made since then. This project is using a very intimidating 1200 yd cake of yarn, which is why... Continue Reading →

One Skein Wonder progress (11)

This project has become my default TV knitting. It has grown quite huge, over 60" long and 20" at its widest. Every time I'm about to start another repeat I find myself asking "should I stop here?". There's plenty of yarn left to keep going, but the shawl is certainly big enough. A quick glance... Continue Reading →

One Skein Wonder progress (10)

My weekend was entirely unproductive on the creative front. I should have guessed that would happen since Horizon Zero Dawn released for the PC on Friday. I spent all my free time playing instead of crafting. So today you get to see the progress on my One Skein Wonder, which continues to inch along during... Continue Reading →

Wingspan started!

I realized I listed this project in my July WIPs but I hadn't posted about it yet. This humble beginning will hopefully turn into a gorgeous Wingspan (Ravelry link) shawl. Someday. It is using a 300g skein of fingering weight yarn, so it is going to be a good long while before that day. I... Continue Reading →

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