Skull bag finished!

Yay! It looks great, was fun to make, and only took me a few weeks of sporadic work to finish. This was definitely a good project for me to take a break from knitting and actually finish something quickly. I can't wait to show it off at the farmers market this weekend!

Skull bag progress (8)

One handle is done! Another night or two and the whole thing will be finished. I'm going to put in another plug for this pattern because I have really enjoyed it, and it looks amazing. Plus it's very easy to modify into lots of different sizes and shapes. It's even free so you have no... Continue Reading →

Skull bag progress (7)

I made some extra progress while watching Game of Thrones last night, and then a bit more today. Now I'm all done with the skulls and have a nice row of HDC at the top to attach the handles to. It feels like this project is just flying along!

Skull bag progress (6)

I haven't been able to post in a couple days but that hasn't stopped me from making progress on this project. I'm debating how much taller I want it to be. The pattern calls for 5 skull rows but that is for a slightly smaller diameter bag than what I've made. I suppose I'll have... Continue Reading →

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