Spouse slippers finished!

I got the second slipper all seamed up tonight and it looks great! The spouse likes the fit of these, but he’s reserving final judgement until it’s cold enough to actually wear them around for a while. I will probably end up adding some silicone to the bottoms to make them non-slip too. It feels... Continue Reading →

Almost done with the spouse slippers

All that's left to do is bind off and sew it together. I wanted to post this in progress photo because I think it's very funny looking and doesn't look like a slipper at all when it's laid out this way. I am excited to get this project finished, although the spouse doesn't seem to... Continue Reading →

Second spouse slipper progress

This pattern is so quick in part because it uses two strands of worsted weight yarn held together. I wound a second small cake so I could do this without making a tangled mess. Unfortunately I misjudged how much yarn I needed for the second slipper, so I'm stuck pulling from both ends of the... Continue Reading →

One spouse slipper done!

Yesterday I said this was working up quickly and was that ever right! The short rows went super fast and I was done before I knew it. Even the seaming wasn't too bad. More importantly the spouse tried it on and it actually fit! Now I just need to make the second one before I... Continue Reading →

Spouse slippers progress (2)

The resemblance to an actual slipper keeps getting slightly better every time I work on this. It is also going surprisingly quickly now that I'm into a section with lots of decreases. I might get at least one slipper finished before the new year at this rate!

Spouse slippers progress

Tonight I worked on this slipper a little bit. I had to learn how to change colors for the first time. I don't count the double knitting as changing colors since they both get cast on at the same time. Luckily changing colors in knitting is much less confusing than in crochet, so it was... Continue Reading →

Spouse gift

I've been wanting to make something for the spouse for ages. When I asked him what he might like he ruled out pretty much everything but socks and slippers. Since I'm not brave enough to try socks yet I decided on these slippers. I actually started them a while ago but didn't make much progress.... Continue Reading →

Day 325: Slippers

When a loved one is in the hospital, what better get well gift is there than a pair of handmade fuzzy slippers? I finished one this morning and plan to finish the other at the hospital. It will give me something to do while waiting, and I know they will be appreciated.

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